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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts!

I am so excited that you stopped by! Perhaps you are new to our company, perhaps you already love Thirty-One products, or perhaps you just wanted to stop by and see the latest happenings! : ) No matter your reason for stopping by, Thirty-One has something amazing to offer you today. We are a company that celebrates, encourages and rewards women just like you, women like us that wear many hats and deserve to be appreciated.

I am a part of Thirty-One because as a busy single mom of two little ones, though I love wearing my mom 'hat', I wanted a way to give back and encourage other women. I also love to organize and like to help everyone find a personal solution for them! Let a party with Thirty-One be the reason you schedule that long overdue time with your girlfriends! 

Thirty-One offers an amazing array of products with a purpose to help you get and keep your family organized and make your daily lives easier. We have an incredible selection of personalization options like never before! The opportunities are endless with Thirty-One.

By working with me, I will ensure:

  • You and your guests will have a wonderful get-together while I show you some great organization ideas to simplify your life
  • You and all of your friends will receive excellent customer service both during and after your party 
  • You will have fun, be encouraged and want to tell others about us

Please let me know if you have any questions! I am happy to help! 

Maria Young

Your Consultant

Maria Young


Cell: (512) 698-0020