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My name is Amy Lauritsen and I am an Independent Consultant for Thirty-One!  I began my career as a consultant in 2011 and I am SO excited! 
When I heard about Thirty-One I fell in love with the products .... without even seeing them in person! Thirty-One just spoke to me! Thirty-One provides me with not only the CUTEST personalized purses and bags but with a way to meet other women like myself and have regularly scheduled Girls Nights IN.  The additional income it has brought to our family is a huge blessing in my life. This is just a small part of "my why."
Thirty-One is a faith based company whose name is derived from Proverbs 31.  The founder’s mission is to celebrate, reward and encourage the woman in the family…and that is exactly what we do!! 

If you think Thirty-One products are as wonderful as I do, what better way to find out than to host a party??

Of course, if you already LOVE Thirty-One and want to be a part of a wonderful, fun company that celebrates, encourages and rewards women...simply click "Join My Team" and I can help you get started today!
Thirty-One can provide you with additional income to satisfy the need in your life.  For me, my goal is to provide for my family and take meaningful vacations each year together.  For others, Thirty-One is a fund for grandchildren, shopping sprees, teenagers clothes, a new car fund, credit card debt, mother’s day out, dance/karate class…or just some fun “me-time” away from the hectic busyness of day-to-day life!
I would be honored to have you as an addition to my team!! I would love to embark on the Thirty-One journey with you as my partner!.

Please look through our current catalog and let me know if there is something that catches your eye!  I would love to help you with the next step; whether that is ordering, hosting a party or starting your career as a consultant!

Celebrate today!
Amy Lauritsen
Independent Consultant
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