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Girls Take Flight

Behavioral health encompasses a broad range of issues ranging from suicide to self-esteem issues to eating disorders to gender identity issues. Due to longstanding cultural stigmas and poor financial rewards in the healthcare field, there is an urgent lack of attention and focus given to behavioral health. Thirty-One is proud to be partnered with America’s largest pediatric hospital & research center in the country, Nationwide Children’s Hospital to change that. We are responding to a serious problem with a serious plan. Through this work we are dedicated to helping girls take flight and reach their full potential.

Ambassadors of Hope

To symbolize our commitment to fund life-saving behavioral health research for girls at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, we are introducing a new U R U thermal tote adorned with butterflies, who are ambassadors of hope.

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We know the devastating effect these issues have on girls of all ages. The numbers are staggering.

On average,

a girl’s self-esteem peaks at

age 91
50 % of all
mental illnesses
start by age 142
girls are 2X as likely as boys

to suffer from depression and eating disorders2

TogetherWe Can Help

Watch this video to learn about how there’s a need more than ever to address behavioral health issues and build girls’ confidence. Together, we can help girls take flight.

Awareness Video Image

Watch this video from Nationwide Children’s Hospital to help understand the growing need to address behavioral health issues and build girls’ confidence.

Family Resource Library

Helpful facts and information from the Behavioral Health experts at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.


One of America’s most popular health podcasts originates from Nationwide Children’s Hospital.Thousands of parents from over 100 countries listen in weekly to Pediacast with Dr. Mike Patrick, a pediatrician in the Emergency Medicine Department at Nationwide Children’s.

Below are links to past Pediacasts focused on a variety of behavioral health challenges.

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