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Wax Seal Charm - Two Tone Initial A

|Item Code: 6174
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Why you’ll love it:
Choose any English-alphabet uppercase letter or number 0-9 for our Wax Seal Charm. Whether it’s the first letter of your name, nickname or your lucky number, you can put your "stamp" on it and dangle it from your favorite Thirty-One charm bracelet or chain necklace. Made of pewter and 24k gold plating, the Wax Seal Charm has a two-tone appearance so you can wear it with gold- or silver-tone jewelry.
Key features:
  • Pewter with 24k gold plating
  • Features all uppercase letters of the English alphabet and numbers 0-9
  • Space for single digit/letter only
  • Two tone
  • 24mm H x 7mm L