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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts!

Thank you for visiting my website!  My name is Annette Vanik and I joined Thirty-One in July, 2011.  I have been a stay-at-home mom since our son was born in 2007, and am loving every minute of it!  Ever since he started preschool last year, I had been looking for something that would allow flexibility with our schedule, and also contribute financially to my family again. Thirty-One was everything I was looking for, and much more!

Recently, my husband told me that I had far and away exceeded any expectations he had for my starting this business.  What a nice compliment, I thought!  I love the products & believe in the company, and my enthusiasm shows!

Thirty-One always wants to know WHY....why do you do Thirty-One.  My WHY is to be a stay-at-home mom and contribute financially.  What is your WHY?   A large bill to pay off?  A special vacation to plan?  Education for your children?  Home improvements?  Thirty-One can help!  I would love to have you join my team and begin your own journey!

If you would like to host a party, call/text or email me!  I would love to do a party for you!  The Hostess program is fantastic and my parties are fun!  There is no need to wait for a party if you want to place an can visit my website 24/7!

Have a great day!!

Annette Vanik

Senior Consultant
Your Consultant

Annette Vanik

Senior Consultant

Cell: (330) 904-6873