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Hi, nice to meet you!

Welcome to Allison's 31 Gifts website!  I believe I have been given the awesome opportunity to be a consultant for a  great company whose philosphy is to Celebrate, Encourage, & Reward.... and there are so many rewards in place for both you as the customer and me as the consultant. 

I look forward to building a relationship with you and helping you decide on gifts for yourself or others.  We have some fabulous products that are eye catching that every woman loves!   

Do you LIKE our products... Make your purchase today.
Do you LOVE our products... Host a show and earn yours for Free!
Do you LOVE IT ALL???... Become a consultant and share them with others.

Are you here to order for a friends upcoming party???  CLICK ON MY EVENTS to find her name... make sure to click her name so she will get credit for your order.... if you live out of town, you can even have the item(s) shipped directly to you for a small additional charge.

I would love to come do a PARTY for you and your friends/family/etc in your home or business... you would be able to earn FREE and DISCOUNTED gifts based on the sales at your party.   It's so fun... let's Celebrate, Encourage and Reward each other!

Too busy for a home party???   Ask me about our PARTY TO GO bags... you can still earn free products by showing a few of our items around to people you know and sharing our catalog with them. 

I also do Fundraising events and Vendor/Craft Fairs... let me know if I can be involved in one you know about!

Looking for a way to make additional income for you and/or your family???   You can begin a business just like I did and earn commissions based on sales!   I can help you get started and encourage you along the way... I look forward to building a rewarding business with you!

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Allison White