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If you would like to place an order, select one of my parties below.

Thank you so much for your business!

Rochelle Brindley's Sip n' Shop

Order here for Rochelle, Lesley, & Cherie's Sip & Shop event!
Host: Rochelle Brindley
Party Start Date: 3/31/2022


If your birthday is in MAY, order on this event and you could win the rewards... AND, I'll be sending you a bday gift certificate too!!
Host: Cherie Rabern
Party Start Date: 4/1/2022
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Abby Datillo's Online Event

Let's get Abby & her mom some FREE 31!! They are a bit obsessed!!
Host: Abby Datillo
Party Start Date: 4/4/2022

Sand Dollar's Gift Club

If you are part of the Sand Dollar Gift Club, order here.
Host: Cherie Rabern
Party Start Date: 4/15/2022
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Mystery Insider May

If you don't have a party to shop on, shop here! you may be the winner of the rewards!
Host: Cherie Rabern
Party Start Date: 5/17/2022
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