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Hi, nice to meet you!

You found me!!!  I am excited for you to be a part of my Thirty-one business.  My belief is that a girl can NEVER have too many bags!  Let me help you organize and style your life with a little personalized Thirty-one.  Do you want it all?  Why pay for it when you can host your own shindig and get it free?  Answer...don't, and host a party today!

A little about me...
I am the mother to 4 wonderful children, wife to a hard working husband, and teacher.  I love all things crafty and love to make cakes.  I am definitely a southern belle with a big personality.  I might own more bags, handbags, purses, and totes than any person on the planet!  For this reason alone Thirty-one just made sense.  Let me help make sense of your "bag love" too, and if you are as obsessed as me...join my team- Holler Bag Girls! 

Paula Holler

Senior Consultant