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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts!

Thanks for stopping by! I am thrilled to be sharing Thirty-One with you whether it's for the first time or the 100th time! ;) 
I hope you take a second to read my "why" - WHY I sell Thirty-One!  

What began as a way to get some more bags at a discount has turned into a full time career for me! I left my corporate job over 2 years ago to work 31 while living my best life for my family! My daughter is my true WHY, and I am so thankful that I get to pick her up from the bus every single day and get that extra time with her that I never had before!

Beyond the commissions, the FREE all inclusive trips that I've been blessed to earn for the past 4 years - including a trip to Disney with my family, and the sisterhood, Thirty-One has helped me realize my TRUE passion....and that is giving back! Empowering women, building up strong, confident girls and supporting families is a part of our mission and that is my heart. Definitely check out our How We Give Back section of the website!

Whatever brought you to read this here RIGHT now - I want you to know that I appreciate you! Even if you purchase nothing and just browse, know that your support means the world to me. I am able to do what I do because of YOU. 

I encourage you to check out my site. You will be shocked at all that Thirty-One has to offer. We are truly a gifting company, and I would love the privilege to be YOUR GIFT GIRL

If you see yourself making a wish list - I'd love to help you get some of those items free and half off! Partying is easy, and I help you along the way. Lots of ways to do it too, so don't rule it out without chatting with me first! I promise - I will work to get you that wish list! 

And if you keep eyeing that pink box of goodness, I'd love to share more about the opportunity. If you can't tell already - I am a no pressure girl! I will walk you through the details and share what it's done for me and girls on my team. Everyone has their own reasons for joining us - for some it's simply the discount. For others they need to pay bills or get a #sidegig for that vacation they're saving for. And then there are others that need the "me" time, the sisterhood or even (my personal fave) a way to give back more! All are valid and that's the beauty of this biz. It works when you want to! Our new consultants have a Quick Start program that gives you YOUR option to choose between free product, Visa gift cards or Disney gift cards. YOU get to choose! Be a part of this journey with me!

Thanks for stopping by! 
Jill Rhea

Jill Rhea

Senior Director
Your Consultant

Jill Rhea

Senior Director

Cell: (817) 532-8017