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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts!

Welcome to my Thirty-One page where all of your organization dreams come true!  

A little about me, my husband and I have been married for over 18 years.  For years we traveled whenever possible.  Mostly to the Caribbean and Walt Disney World, however, a few extra special trips to Egypt, Paris and French Polynesia.  In 2010 we welcomed our son and truly learned what love is.   

I have always loved to be organized.  I find that as my son grows and his toy collection with him, I am constantly looking for ways to maximize space while still trying to keep some sense of style in our small house.  Thirty-One has some fantastic products that really work for me, like the Oh Snap Bins which provide me with extra storage anywhere by slipping over a command hook!  I wish I had some of these products years ago!

I can't wait to share these great products and innovative ways to use them with you!  

Please also join me on my Facebook page for new product updates, sales and specials at  And you can always reach me direct by email at or cell at (508) 630-6325.  

Happy shopping!!


Lisa Higgins

Your Consultant

Lisa Higgins


Cell: (508) 630-6325