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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts!

I'm Christina and I'm thrilled to be your Thirty-One Consultant! This amazing opportunity never occurred to me until I hosted my own Thirty-One party. My consultant shed a light on the doors that Thirty-One opened for her, and really made me start thinking... I turned 31 in January of 2013. One month later I had my home party and everything happening in my life at that moment made this make perfect sense.

I'm got married in April of 2014, we purchased a house in 2012 (in one of THE priciest counties around!) and adopted a rescue dog who is very high maintenance. Although I do have a full time job and run another business as well, it certainly couldn't hurt to supplement my income to help pay for the wedding and give us the ability to take vacations I've only ever dreamed of. 

I LOVE Thirty-One's products and wanted to buy them ALL, which is yet another perk of being a consultant! If you think you might be interested in earning some extra money and/or free or 50% off products, contact me today!


Christina Spencer

Your Consultant

Christina Spencer



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