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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts!
     Discover Thirty-one for yourself.   Yes, we have great bags, pattern choices and fabulous personalization options along with adorable seasonal specials.    If this sounds good to you, let's have a party!!
     But there is so much more.  I was a kit-napper when I joined in the summer of 2011.  I told my sponsor to leave me alone; that I would do just enough to stay active.  ($200 in volume every 3 months)   I didn't earn any of my StartSwell free products & supplies or product incentives that year.  Fast forward to summer of 2012 ~earned free registration to national conference & life was good.   My goal changed in the fall of 2012 when I took the Believe & Believe challenge and earned all 7 incentives.   I participated in a leadership retreat and realized that I could empower others by offering the opportunity.  Our team has grown from 2 to 20 in the past six months.  With great team support from our upline and dream b31iever team members, I was able to walk the stage as a Director at 2013 national conference after double promoting in April.   
     Celebrate, Encourage & Reward yourself, reach out to new and seasoned friends, earn great incentives... bags, gift cards, free conference, travel cards and exclusive consultant only products by exploring what Thirty-one can provide you and your family.  Click on the Becoming A Consultant tab, learn more and let's talk! 

Barb Maurais

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Barb Maurais


Cell: (207) 653-0994

WINDHAM, ME 04062-5027