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Hi, nice to meet you!


My name is Becky Hernandez & I'm a wife, mother of two big kids & an Independent Executive Director with Thirty One.  My life has been changing one bag at a time. Because of the Thirty One opptunity, God has blessed my family far beyond what I could have ever hoped for.

We specialize in personalized gifts for all occasions & trust me...we are about  much more than a purse.

Please view our virtual catalog.
Shop & order online or contact me if you need assistance.
When you gather a few friends, face to face or'll earn
TEMS & an opportunity to nab our Hostess EXLUSIVES!

Spoiling our INSIDERS..
That's what we do best!


Now offering online, FB & book parties for the person who is never home.  Enjoy all the benefits of hosting by collecting orders while living life, at work, school & on the go.  I'll arrange for you to have products to show as well.

If you would like to be an INSIDER by hosting a face to face gathering or virtual gathering, please call to reserve your date
*Afternoon & Evening times available.

Will school tuition be coming due soon?  Are the Christmas bills paid off from last year?  Are you looking to have a debt free Christmas this year?  If you are interested in making the budget stretch further, the Thirty One opportunity may be for you.  Please contact me.  I'd love to share my experience & answer any questions you may have in a relaxed, "no pressure way".

Thanks for visiting my page

Becky ;0)

Becky Hernandez

Senior Director