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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts!

Thank you for visiting my Thirty-One website where you can view the catalog, learn more about hosting a party and get information about selling with Thirty-One.  Please contact me at 864-787-5826 if you would like to chat about Thirty-One!

I started my journey with Thirty-One in August 2010 and have been amazed how God has helped me grow during the process of learning to be a leader with a faith based company.  God created me as a goal oriented person, and I have always had a natural motivation and a gift for marketing and sales.  As an Executive Director, I have been able to share these gifts with other consultants and to empower them, which has been especially gratifying in these tough economic times.  Being able to connect with and share in the success of so many of my team members as their businesses have grown is by far the most meaningful and motivating part of being an Executive Director.  I am forever thankful for those who have taught me along the way and for those whom God has allowed me to mentor and support.  I would love to help you as well!

1.    Go to and click on the Join My Team link at the top!

2.  Put in your personal information and pay the $99 registration fee on my secure website.   

3.    You will receive a confirmation email that you are now a Sales Consultant!

Things to know:

·        The kit price is $99 and will be filled with over $350 of products and Business Supplies!

·        You will pay via Credit Card online at the time of enrollment - embroidery will be pre-selected to make sure your kit ships within 2 to 5 business days.

Your personal website will be ready for you after you register.  You may start taking orders as soon as you are registered and earn 25% commission.   Thirty-One ships directly to your customer and you never have to pay for them to process credit cards.

I'm here to help you every step of the way and looking forward to having you join my team.

Doane August

Ind. Exec.Director, Thirty-One Gifts


Doane August

Senior Consultant
Your Consultant

Doane August

Senior Consultant

Cell: (864) 787-5826