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The Story of a Kit-Napper
When I enrolled with Thirty-One, I was a self-proclaimed kit-napper.  Most of the products on my $400 wish list were in the enrollment kit - so it just seemed like a no-brainer.  I enrolled as a consultant for just $99 and the plan was to keep the business supplies tucked under my bed for no one to see.  Obviously God had MUCH bigger plans for me, with Thirty-One.  I am blessed to say that Thirty-One provides a "full-time job" income for our family and allows me to stay at home with our 4 children.  In the past seven years, I've earned thousands of dollars in Best Buy Gift Cards, a TON of free products, a family trip to Disney and SIX all expense paid tropical vacations, ON TOP OF getting paid.  And if that weren't enough - you should meet some of the amazing women I now get to call my friends.  This opportunity has been a blessing in every way.   
Every time I go to work, I end up at a party! 
People always ask me, "As a consultant, what do you do?"  I get paid to party!  No joke!
A tote-ally awesome lady invites me and some of her fun girlfriends to get together and giggle while we shop.  Together we solve organizational nightmares, check people off our "To Get A Gift For" lists and talk about our silly kids.  Who doesn't like shopping with their girlfriends?     

These days, not only do I have the privilege of doing parties, but also included in my job description is celebrating, encouraging, and rewarding Thirty-One Sisters.  My job as a cheerleader gets more and more fun each day.  I'm blessed to be a part of the sisterhood of Thirty-One and we would love for you to join us.
Thirty-One has made a lot of dreams come true in our home.  Every day, I get to witness dreams come true in my team members' lives all across the country.  What are you waiting for?  I'd love to help you make your dreams come true!

Megan Lanphere

Senior Consultant
Your Consultant

Megan Lanphere

Senior Consultant

Cell: (715) 579-5633