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Consultant Giving

Consultant Feature: Leading with HER Heart
Bonnie Baxter

Director Bonnie Baxter of Alberta Canada has a passion for giving and is always in search of new ways to serve and give back in her community. With her strong vision and determination, Bonnie continuously uses her Thirty-One business to support girls, women and families.

“This life is short, and whatever we can do to make a difference while we are here on this earth must be what matters most,” she says.

Each Catalog season, Bonnie organizes a charity project such as filling Cinch Sacs for social workers to give to foster children in need, ZOUTs for a downtown pregnancy support mission and Oh-Snap Bins for seniors at Christmas. These gifts of mercy are truly freeing and joyous for her.

Through incorporating the Gives mission into all of her home and Facebook parties, asking her Customers to round up their orders and sharing information about our national partners, Thirty-One Gives is truly a part of her business.

“The Gives mission means that we are about something more than bags, which is a powerful witness to our society,” Bonnie says.

Gives Care Council

Members, 2017-2018

  • Kim Washington, National Executive Director, Florida
  • Gretchen Manmiller, Senior Executive Director, Pennsylvania
  • Melissa Dodge, Executive Director, Nebraska
  • Lisa Jones, Executive Director, Michigan
  • Kelly Smith, Executive Director, Oregon
  • Tiffany Wellinghoff, Executive Director, Ohio
  • Kelsey Egan, Senior Director, Connecticut
  • Stacey Hicks, Senior Director, Virginia
  • Tami JBeily, Senior Director, California
  • Natalee Tokar Lubberts, Senior Director, Ontario, CA
  • Brittney Biddle, Director, Georgia
  • Tanya Law, Director, Alberta, CA
  • Brishundra McGrier, Director, Ohio
  • Jill Rhea, Director, Texas
  • Laura Shuler, Director, North Carolina