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Consultant Giving

Consultant Feature: Leading with HER Heart
Katie Richards

Through many different life experiences, Director Katie Richards is using her Thirty-One business as a way to empower women and girls to realize their worth and fullest potential.

“As a former public policy research analyst who analyzed the impacts of public policies on kids and families, a military spouse having lived in many different areas all over the country and having volunteered with many different organizations focused on empowering women and girls, I have been exposed to the confidence crisis on a large and broad scale,” Katie says.

As a military spouse of 17 years and founding member of West Point Professional Women, Katie uses her passion for supporting children, women and families and applies it locally to connect and empower military professional spouses, who are often uprooted every few years.

Katie also implements the Gives mission by volunteering and donating products to organizations and causes that support the overall Gives mission, and her personal Why.

“When we address the root causes of the crisis, we are better able to achieve the mission and build self-esteem helping women and girls realize their self-worth and fullest potential,” she says.

Becky Stone

Gives Care Council

gives care council

2017-2018 Gives Care Council

Members, 2017-2018

  • Kim Washington, National Executive Director, Florida
  • Gretchen Manmiller, Senior Executive Director, Pennsylvania
  • Melissa Dodge, Executive Director, Nebraska
  • Lisa Jones, Executive Director, Michigan
  • Kelly Smith, Executive Director, Oregon
  • Tiffany Wellinghoff, Executive Director, Ohio
  • Kelsey Egan, Senior Director, Connecticut
  • Stacey Hicks, Senior Director, Virginia
  • Tami JBeily, Senior Director, California
  • Natalee Tokar Lubberts, Senior Director, Ontario, CA
  • Brittney Biddle, Director, Georgia
  • Tanya Law, Director, Alberta, CA
  • Brishundra McGrier, Director, Ohio
  • Jill Rhea, Director, Texas
  • Laura Shuler, Director, North Carolina