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Vickie Howell’s How-to: Fabric scrap ornaments

Vickie Howell is a TV host, designer, ambassador and entrepreneur in the DIY space. Find even more of Vickie’s great tips on her website!

Looking for a way to put sewing scraps and leftover fabric pieces to good use? Need an indoor activity to do with the kids this winter? Then we’ve got a craft project for you!

Your friends at Thirty-One Gifts raided our closets and came out with an armful of fabric scraps we just couldn’t let go to waste. (Admit it, crafters – you have a spot in your closet just like this!) So we asked our resident crafting and DIY expert Vickie Howell for a fun way to give old fabric scraps and swatches new life as sweet home décor or heartfelt gifts.

Follow the steps below to decorate your own Christmas tree, fireplace mantel, front door wreath or dining room table centerpiece with ornaments handmade from materials around your home!

Materials to make fabric scrap ornaments

  • Clear plastic bulb ornaments (find them online or at your local craft store)
  • Scraps of fabric, trimmings and/or yarn
  • Scissors
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Optional: Glitter, buttons, sequins


  1. Gather scraps and cut them into different lengths. (1"-4" pieces work great!)
  2. Organize scraps and other trimmings by color family.
  3. Get creative! Combine a small handful of scraps from the same color family – or create your own palette – and insert them into a bulb.
  4. Tie a decorative ribbon onto the bulb’s wire loop for hanging.
  5. Feel merry!

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