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What’s your wish?

Make your dreams come true through our amazing Wishes Come True® program! Earn gift cards, free products and more, just by working your business! The best part is, you can choose the rewards you want!1


Over 25,000 Consultants have earned Wishes Rewards!

What can Wishes do for you? START EARNING

"My son needs glasses and rec specs for soccer. It’s important for me to give him every advantage he can have because he's a leukemia survivor."

Director, Illinois

“We are actually using our Wishes Rewards to get ready for baby number two!

Director, Maryland

“With Wishes Rewards, I don’t feel guilty about spoiling myself and my family.

Director, Indiana

“My husband has been off work for almost a year…sick. Thirty-One has allowed me to maintain our family budget without really even noticing the difference.”

Executive Director, Ontario

“I’m going to keep cashing in on the VISA® cards as we needed new wheels and my hubby got a new car so the cards will help pay it off.

Director, Texas

Your rewards, your way.

Our mission is to celebrate, encourage and REWARD women. And those rewards start right from the beginning of your Thirty-One journey!

Through our Wishes Come True™ rewards program, you can earn hundreds of dollars in rewards during your first few months as a Consultant. To make it even better, you can decide how you want to cash in your rewards – choose from gift cards, Thirty-One products, Business Supplies or a combination of them all! Talk to your Consultant today about what Wishes can do for you!

There are TWO WAYS to earn!

As a new Consultant
Earn rewards simply by partying and sharing your new business with others. You’ll earn 200 Wishes Rewards for every $1,000 in Personal Volume you submit during your Quick Start Period, which includes the month you enroll plus the next four months.

Throughout your Thirty-One journey, and even as a new Consultant
Earn rewards whenever a new Consultant joins your team and qualifies by submitting $1,000 in Personal Volume during her Quick Start Period.

You’ll earn 400 Wishes Rewards for every new PEQA (Personally Enrolled, Qualified & Active Consultant) on your team!

PV rewards for new Consultants

 Your choice!
PV submitted in
Quick Start Period
Wishes RewardProduct & Business
Supply value
Gift card value
$10,000 2,000 $2,000 $1,0001
$9,000 1,800 $1,800
$8,000 1,600 $1,600
$7,000 1,400 $1,400
$6,000 1,200 $1,200
$5,000 1,000 $1,000 $5001
$4,000 800 $800
$3,000 600 $600
$2,000 400 $400
$1,000 200 $200

Sponsoring rewards for all Consultants

Personally enrolled
team members
Personally enrolled
team member PV in
Quick Start Period
Product &
Business Supply
Gift card
1 $1,000 400 $400
3 $3,000 1,200 $1,200 $5001
5 $5,000 2,000 $2,000 $1,0001

1. Wishes Come True™ program (the “Program”) began June 1, 2018. New Consultants enrolling on or after June 1, 2018, will earn 200 Wishes Rewards for each $1,000 of Personal Volume (“PV”) sold during the period beginning in the month of your enrollment and ending four (4) full months following the enrollment month (“the Quick Start Period”). All Consultants will also earn 400 Wishes Rewards for each new personally enrolled team member who sells $1,000 of PV during the new team member’s Quick Start Period. Personal Volume means dollar value of products sold by a Consultant, less tax and shipping and handling charges. Some exclusions may apply. Must be active to redeem. Wishes Rewards may be applied to both the Business Supply and the Wishes Come True order types. Wishes Rewards is the only payment type applicable for the Wishes Come True order type. Deadline for redeeming Wishes Rewards is 24 months from the end of the month in which that reward was earned. Shipping charges and taxes may apply. Program and rewards subject to change.

2. Representations made about income should not be considered as typical or guarantees of your potential earnings or profits as a Thirty-One Consultant. Your success with Thirty-One depends on several factors, such as time devoted to your business, tenure and hard work. Not everyone will achieve the represented level of income. Such amounts are before expenses, if any. For more information about what you can expect as a Thirty-One Consultant, please read our Income Disclosure Statement.