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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts!

Hey there!  Feel free to look around and find something wonderful for you or a loved one.  Thirty One bags are great for everyone!  Enjoy looking through the catalog and feel free to contact me for any questions you might have or to order your very own Thirty-One bag today.  Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!

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I have hostesses and teammates from all over the can host a Facebook party and earn lots of FREE product. Let me know if you're interested ;)

I also do fundraisers for any organizations.  It's a great way to earn prizes and money for your organization!

My Story...

I was a stay at home mom for almost 10 years to 2 amazing boys (13 and 16). I loved being there for my family but the time had come to me to find myself again and hopefully make a little extra money at the same time. I was invited to a Thirty-One party a friend was having for a brand new consultant. I went thinking "eh I'll just spend $50 and be done". Little did I know my life would change that night. I didn't see it right away though. I had a party and a couple of friends had parties. Then I thought, hey I can do this and signed up. Thirty One has helped me become more confident, healthier, happier and a better wife and mother. It is so much more than just a bag...

Jenn Penn

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Jenn Penn


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