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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts!
I joined Thirty One Gifts in July 2009.  I was really hoping to make money but figured I was in a win win situation with the kit being only $99 (such a great deal)  Wow was I pleased with the products and the company!!  Promoted to Director in less than 6 months and to Senior Executive Director in 1 year 10 months while working full time.
Thirty-One has changed my life!!!!!!  It has turned dreams into reality =)   
Thankful for the $$ along with prizes, but most of all the lives that I have been able to touch as well as thankful for the lives that have touched mine.  Time to pay it forward.
May it be confidence, extra income, car payment,  debt fee, vacation , college, or just a few hours out of the house for girl time...........Join today and build YOUR DREAM:)...just go to and click on "Join My Team" and begin your journey today!!!!  Then call me and let's Celebrate your first step of SuCCeSS...


Lynn McCutcheon

Sr Exec Director
Your Consultant

Lynn McCutcheon

Sr Exec Director

Cell: (864) 529-8776

2 Norvin Court