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Consultant Giving

Consultant Feature: Leading with HER Heart
Mara Jackson

Director Mara Jackson, is using her Thirty-One business to give back and further the Gives mission in her town of Charlton, Massachusetts.

“I believe that Gives is the embodiment of what Thirty-One is all about,” Mara says.

As the child of a single mother fighting breast cancer, Mara knows the effect of others' kindness, and how much it truly matters. Through her fundraising efforts, Mara does more than just raise money for women and children with cancer.

“I do not want to give money and then disappear,” Mara says. “Emotional support and love gives those families the strength to keep going… I know what it's like to be alone in the fight and I don't want anyone else to feel that way.”

While many of Mara's charitable efforts have been for individuals fighting without being under the name of a charity, she is also an active member in two organizations, Brady's Mission and FIRST: Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types, both helping others around her community.

“It is our life circumstances and experiences, a lot of which are outside of our control, that mold us into who we become,” she says.

Becky Stone

Gives Care Council

gives care council

2017-2018 Gives Care Council

Members, 2017-2018

  • Kim Washington, National Executive Director, Florida
  • Gretchen Manmiller, Senior Executive Director, Pennsylvania
  • Melissa Dodge, Executive Director, Nebraska
  • Lisa Jones, Executive Director, Michigan
  • Kelly Smith, Executive Director, Oregon
  • Tiffany Wellinghoff, Executive Director, Ohio
  • Kelsey Egan, Senior Director, Connecticut
  • Stacey Hicks, Senior Director, Virginia
  • Tami JBeily, Senior Director, California
  • Natalee Tokar Lubberts, Senior Director, Ontario, CA
  • Brittney Biddle, Director, Georgia
  • Tanya Law, Director, Alberta, CA
  • Brishundra McGrier, Director, Ohio
  • Jill Rhea, Director, Texas
  • Laura Shuler, Director, North Carolina