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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts!

I am a newly married mom of three daughters living in Seattle, WA. I joined Thirty-One back in 2010 because I accidentally discovered it on Facebook. I had no idea what Thirty-One was, had never seen a product, had never seen the catalog and had never been to a party. I was NOT a direct-sales type of person. I was NOT interested in selling flowery fabric bags to anyone in their living rooms. My purses were all black leather with silver studs and lots of bling. But I started to hear more and more about Thirty-One, which really intrigued me!

Since I was newly divorced and had a ton of debt to pay off AND had to pay all of my regular bills, I realized that if I didn't get some income fast, I was eventually going to lose my home. So I searched every drawer, couch and pocket and gathered up my last $99 to join Thirty-One.

It's been 9 amazing years and I have earned 8 all-inclusive vacations for 2, tons of gift cards, bonuses and of course loads of free products! I love that I found a career with the flexibility to be there for my kids, create my own schedule that works for my family and that I get to be the CEO of my own business.

I did all of this with that $99 kit you're thinking about!

Whether you're interested in buying a couple of bags, gathering your friends for a fun shopping experience, making some money for your charity organization or joining me on this journey to take a bag and turn it into a dream come true, contact me and let's get this party started!

P.S. I still don't carry a flowery purse - although I do have a few in my display! BUT I ALWAYS carry a Thirty-One bag, wallet and accessories - there really is something for everyone - even me!

Sharon Katzevman

Your Consultant

Sharon Katzevman


Cell: (206) 841-5055