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Mary Williams Shopping Link!

Host: Mary Williams
10/01/2021  8:00 AM

Kari's Friends & Family Shopping Fun!

Host: Kari Gallagher
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Judi Weaver's Party!

Host: Judi Weaver
11/01/2021  8:00 PM

Sara Gavin's Shopping Fun!

Host: Sara Gavin
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HA Club- Jenny Lou

Host: Jenny Lou McKeen
11/08/2021  8:00 PM

Naomi's Party Link

Host: Naomi Eick
11/08/2021  8:00 PM

Jenny B's Holiday Fun

Host: Jenny Bohren
11/16/2021  8:00 PM

Gift Club-Melissa J.

Host: Melissa Jensen
11/11/2021  8:00 PM

Tia's Shopping Fun!

Host: Tia Vaughn
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Holiday One Stop Shop

Host: Amy Brown
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Host: Amy Brown
11/27/2021  9:00 AM