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Hi, nice to meet you!

What can Thirty-One do for you?  Watch this quick video and see what it has done for some of our consultants!  (Keep an eye out for the 1st consultant featured - that's me :)

My name is Angie Kerr.  I'm a Senior Executive Director with Thirty-One Gifts as well as a member of the 2012-13 and 2013-14 Leadership Councils.  I'm also a Founding Member of the Thirty-One Gives Council.  I started with this wonderful company on 7/29/09.  In that short time, I have grown a team of 1400 amazing women AND men!  I have team members in 42 states & Germany!  I've been able to see all of the amazing blessings this company has given myself and my team.  The biggest gift this company has given is not the trips, bonuses or other prizes that I have won, but to see what this opportunity has allowed my team members to do - get out of debt, secure financial freedom & peace, a sense of self worth or simply a much needed Girl's Night Out.  Are you searching for any of these things or maybe something else?  Then maybe this opportunity is right for you too!

Interested in becoming a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant?
By becoming a consultant, you have the freedom of owning your own business and an opportunity for unlimited earning potential.
Some of these opportunities include:
  • A faith-based company devoted to celebrating, encouraging and rewarding women
  • Personalization available on most products in a variety of style, fabrics and patterns
  • Unlimited earning potential and financial freedom
  • A casual work atmosphere surrounded by friends without sales pressure
  • Flexible hours for more time with your family
  • Special rewards and discounts
  • The opportunity to empower other women to start their own businesses and create their own successes.
  • The ability to have fun while you are on the job!

For more information on the Thirty-One opportunity:

Please contact me at 217-766-5953 or 

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Angie Kerr

Senior Consultant