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Hi, nice to meet you!

Welcome to Shasta's Thirty-one site. 

A little about me, I'm a proud mother of 2 soulful, down to earth, and giving humans.I love Thirty-one products!!  With huge compassion for my fulltime job as a Night Shift Customer Service Supervisor, I felt I needed a little bit more excitement in my day life so, I starting on this little venture with thirty-one.  One of the many perks (other then adding a little more excitement) is that it also gives me the opportunity to spend extra time with my kids without having to get a second job outside of the home. It will help me save up for My children's Senior Pictures, Graduation, and College. Which will be coming up here in Aug of 2020 & May of 2021.  Confession(by far the most): With working 3/12's, it gives me quite a bit of extra time to do waaayyy too much empty nest thinking. So, I'm Crossing my fingers that embarking on this new journey with Thirty-one will be sucessifull in keeping my mind at bay of any future feelings that may sneak up on me. I also secretly hope it helps provide a little extra financial stability to plan and provide greater opportunities for my Babies before they head off to College. :) Forever making memories with the ones that I love.  

Enough about me & a little Hint as to where my favorite place to visit first is on the site... 

Be sure to check out the Sales and Online Extras. You may find a favorite product or 2 at a discount of 25, 50, or even 75% off and the best part, is you don't have to hold a party to place an order and it will ship to your door.  

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact me through the site. Have a beautiful day/week/year!!

Shasta Pahlen

Senior Consultant