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Hi, nice to meet you!


My name is Shalane Koon and I am a Thirty-One Independent Senior Director.

My journey with Thirty-One started in August 2010. I was invited to a party -- and almost didn't go!

 I fell in love with the products and booked a party that night. I became a consultant the day I closed my party. 

Since October 2010, I have promoted twice, earned a trip to Cancun, $2,750 in Best Buy gift cards and countless other incentives.

More than that, I have been able to contribute to my family more than I ever thought possible. My paychecks are often DOUBLE than that of a 40-hour a week job.

More than that, I have made friendships to last a lifetime. I have a family with Thirty-One. It is the sorority I was never a part of. Could it be that I'm finally one of the "cool" kids? 

More than that, Thirty-One allows me to SERVE. I serve an awesome God and I love serving His people. 

Do you want MORE? Contact me. Thirty-One has given me a life I only dreamed of. 


Shalane Koon