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About Me: 

I am a forty-five year old single mother.  When I joined Thirty-One in March of 2010, my daughter was just 10 months old.  I wasn't at peace in my married life, my work life, and I was searching for something I could do to make a difference in my heart.  I wanted to be home with my child.  I wanted to earn an income, but I wanted to BE HOME.

My then husband refused to support my vision financially.  We argued all the time about lifestyle, debts, goals and at some point it became clear to me that the only way I was going to live in peace with my family values was to make something of the business opportunity with Thirty-One.  Taking control of my ability to earn an income, on my own terms, was a strong motivator for me.  Each time I looked down at my baby's face, I felt more and more determined to make the transition from corporate life to work from home life.  In the fall of 2010, God answered my prayers when I received a layoff notice from my company.  This was a message from above that HE wanted me to be home with my little girl. 

Genna is almost 9.  I have not returned to corporate life yet.  I haven't missed an event, special day, or a single minute of her time with me.  I haven't felt betrayed by a snow day, summer vacation, or a day off from school because i had to go to work.  I witnessed and participated in many play dates, days at the park after school, and pool days.  I have been an active volunteer in school, community, and social groups all centered around being a mom, and being there for my daughter.

Making small strides, endlessly, to build and maintain my Thirty-One business has given me this gift.  My efforts have allowed me to give ME to my daughter.  She hasn't seen a daycare, babysitter, and she doesn't sit and wait for me to come home.  I am home.  my home is with her.

My business has gone up and down as I handle the many trials of my life, but it's still there.  It's still there when I work it, when I need it, and still inspires me everyday.

About my Business: 

My Business is just like any other.  It has taken a lot of sleepless nights worrying about commissions and sales, a lot of pouring efforts to help others achieve their goals, late night conference calls, customer service in an instant, being attached to my phone when sometimes I didn't want to... But along with all that.  It has brought me complete and pure joy.  it has connected me with people I never want to live without.  It has made lasting friendships, it has inspired others, and it has completely made me fall in love.

Thirty-One, the company itself..... Unbelievable.  Our founder and CEO has a heart of gold.  She inspires her field to be elegant women of HIS words, to ACHIEVE our personal goals, TO STRETCH ourselves outside of our comfort zones so that we become better versions of ourselves.  The support is amazing.  I have never felt more empowered to be ME, than I am today.

Why am I a Thirty-One Consultant?: 

I have found an intrinsic value, far beyond economics, in leading and inspiring others to reach their potential.  I truly want to be a top performer in the company and I want to see other stay-at-home moms realize another side of themselves that no other job can offer.  I would also love to be able to help women who want to be at home get there with a promising financial structure in Thirty-One.  Time with family is valuable.

Please call on me anytime to talk about Thirty-One.  If you are looking for a unique gift for a loved one, want to host your own show or catalog party to earn these great products free, or join my growing team and be a part of something really special... I am here for you always.. 203-522-0430.

Tracy Mate

Senior Director
Your Consultant

Tracy Mate

Senior Director

Cell: (203) 522-0430