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Hi, nice to meet you!

    Welcome! My name is Tammy, and I am an Independent Director with Thirty-One Gifts.  I fell in love with the my thirty-one products the moment I saw them, and decided that day that I wanted to be a consultant! I am passionate about things that help me and my family stay organized.
    I am a full-time certified optician, wife, and mom to 3 daughters.I have 4 spoiled dogs and one cat. My hobbies are scrap booking, reading, and enjoying movies with my family. My goal in taking this job was to do something that was just for me, but it has turned into so much more! The friends I have made are priceless! I love helping other woman start and grow their own businesses!
    I am very interested in helping you with anything you may be looking for, whether it is a catalog, to host a party, or to join my team!

Thank You,
Tammy Martin

Tammy Martin

Senior Consultant