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Hi, nice to meet you!

I was introduced to Thirty-One by my friend and convinced to become a consultant by my daughter, who fell in love with the products.  Since joining Thirty-One I have been so impressed by the dedication of the company to providing exceptional products at a great price for us and our customers.   I love our hostess benefits that reward our hostesses and allow them to get wonderful items! 

As a military wife who has lived on three continents, I appreciated the opportunity to have a job that I can take with me when my husband receives new orders.  Now that he's retired, I LOVE having complete control of my schedule.  I love being able to do something that is so fun and benefits the hostesses, customer, my team and me.  I loved being able to be a stay at home mom AND have a rewarding career and now I love the flexibility of being able to play in my business as an empty nester.  I feel so lucky to have been introduced to this great business opportunity.

I became a consultant in Nov. 2009 with the intention of just having a little fun with it and getting fabulous products.  What was a little hobby, has become a HUGE dream and is making an enormous difference in our family.  I have enjoyed 8 all expense paid, international trips, thousands of dollars in bonuses, a $7000 in gift cards to Best Buy (with which we purchased a laptop and much more), a paycheck much bigger than any I've ever enjoyed,  (even as a professional), helped put two kids through college, and so much more. 
However, I can honestly say that the VERY best thing about this business is that I have found MYSELF again and made soooo many amazing friends along the way.  As a mom, wife, Navy spouse, and more, I was a bit lost.  However, now I am able to help others make a huge difference in THEIR lives and that is more rewarding than any paycheck or incentive could be.  Being able to do all of this, while still putting my family first, is a dream come true.

Nicole Tutko

Senior Consultant