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Hi, nice to meet you!

CONFESSION TIME: I have a bag problem. Seriously. I use them for everything--

  • At the house: craft supplies, laundry, recycling holders, storage, holding other bags, sock sorting, toting around the house, "put away or throw away" bags for living with young 'uns, hanging storage, groceries, hiding paper mess from visitors.
  • At work: meeting "go bag", project organization, physical to-do list.
  • Out and about: "Soccer Saturday" tote-it-all, "car bags" for travelling with young 'uns, looking like a fancy organized adult outside of my home, carry-on luggage.
  • For myself: helping me think with visual cues, being my external brain, marking my territory and items just for me (pens!).

Bags literally hold my life together. #morethanatote is real life here. I'm thiiiiiiiis close to putting Shaker pegs on every wall!

When something is so important to saving me time, energy, stress, disarray, chaos, "confusion and delay"--well, then I obviously  don't have time to play; as TLC says, "I don't want no scrubs." I need sturdy, flexible, multi-functional bags that can handle this life with me for years, not months.

When I found Thirty-One almost ten years ago, I felt like I had finally met my match in bags, totes, storage, decor. Any detail that I could want, Thirty-One had already realized...and improved. The prints offered something for everyone and every occasion, gifts were easy to find, and the ordering process was sooo simple and streamlined. Over these years, I have made more Thirty-One purchases than I necessarily care to share, and I have always been not only satisfied but also surprised. I have never had to replace one, but I have thought of a bazillion more uses for one... 

This is why I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Thirty-One as a consultant. Please hear me, I sincerely recommend every Thirty-One product with no hesitation; they are solutions that stand the test of time. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here.


Take a look around the site, including the catalog--it puts so many innovative and practical uses for Thirty-One products into action. If you have any questions, want some recommendations, or need someone to brainstorm with, please email me at's work together to figure out what you need and how I can help! We can email or schedule a call--whatever works for you.


Interested in earning some free Thirty-One? Book a party with me to share our new favorite products with your friends! As a party hostess, you get gifts, discounts, and special access, all while enjoying a laidback get-together--no pushy sales tactics from this gal (unless unbridled enthusiasm counts). 

Parties can be at your home, another physical location, or online--whatever fits your life best!

Check these links out for more info:


Please contact me with any questions--I'm here to serve and look forward to helping!


Amanda Collins
Independent Senior Consultant
Joined October 2018

Amanda Collins