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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts!

Welcome to my Thirty One Gifts website !!  

Excitement is the keyword!  I am excited to be starting something new and  I am so excited you are here!

Several years ago, I hosted a 31 Gifts show.   My guests and I all had a great time playing with the bags and helping each other decide on how to have our bags personalized.    I loved ALL of the products that I got.  Every time I used them, I would get compliments ( Who doesn’t love a compliment!).   The consultant at that time told me about the 31 opportunity but it just wasn't the right time for me. 

As with so many of us these days, my life’s circumstances changed. My husband got laid off from his job of 13 years.  My parents had been going through quite a few health issues and so a good bit of my time and energy was taken up helping them.  I loved being able to help them.  But I realized!

I was in a rut!    I needed to find something to inspire me, I needed something to be passionate about, but mostly, I needed a way to make some money. 

So I started thinking of what I could do.

I knew I couldn’t just go to work anywhere and be on their schedule.  I had done several direct sales businesses before so I knew that was my best bet.  But I had a checklist of things that any new company would have to meet. (I am all about a checklist and checking stuff off of it!)

My Checklist!

1.       Something that people will love!

a.   I knew that I couldn’t rely on my family because they are not “party people” at all.  So I had to think about what I felt my friends would help me get started in.  I realized that most everyone I knew loved monogrammed, personalized items and would actually spend money on those items.  They might only be willing to pay $10 for a necklace, but they would spend $40 or  more for a purse, handbag or diaper bag.      Hmm, that got me thinking about 31 again.   

2.      Easy!

a.  Like I said, I had been with several other direct sales businesses before.  So I knew I didn’t want to carry in heavy home décor anymore or any kind of cooking or clean up.   (I figure if I don’t even cook for me, I am not cooking for anyone else!)   Easy!    Easy to carry, easy to set up, easy to sell, easy to book parties.   I remembered when I had my 31 show that the ladies that came had a great time and I remembered how easy the set up was for the consultant.  I also remembered that 3 ladies booked a show-including (can you believe it?) some of my family!     31 fits this again.

3.      No stress!  I didn’t want to work with any company where I would have to stress about meeting quotas or numbers, returns or deliveries.   It needed to be fairly fun.    Again, I could check 31 .

4.       And of course, I had to love what they sold.  No problem there with 31!    I don’t know who picks out their items but they are always fun, funky, and functional!  

So there it was.  4 checks Yes for 31.   I found out it was only $99 to to get me going and they had some great programs to help me add to my starter kit.  So I decided to give it a shot.  

I sent out a message to some of my friends because I was worried they would say   “good grief, what is she doing now”  but they didn’t.  They were very sweet and excited and two of my out of town friends popped right up to say they would do a catalog show for me.  I LOVE THEM!   I have gotten  really good feedback from everyone so far and it is so great to be excited about something again!

I hope that you will take a look at 31 for whatever your needs in life may be.   It might meet your “checklist” too!

Leanne "let's make a list!" McGarr

Leanne McGarr

Senior Consultant
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Leanne McGarr

Senior Consultant

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