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Hi, nice to meet you!

My Story as it appeared in the Fall/Winter 2011 Catalog
No one was more surprised than me when I became a Thirty-One Consultant.  I needed a way to make some extra income for my family, but being a stay-at-home mom for three children – the oldest of whom is diagnosed with Autism – I knew that a traditional 9-to-5 position was not going to provide the income and flexibility that I required.  I quickly realized that if I was going to take time away from my family, I  wanted to be working on a dream of my own.  When my old college roommate casually mentioned Thirty-One in a phone conversation, I felt compelled to check out the products online.  Neither one of us realized what was set in motion that night when I became a Consultant without ever having touched a product!

While I never could have imagined how blessed my family would be by my Thirty-One business, I now can’t imagine our lives without it.  It has truly become a family business, and I am excited to have my husband’s support and the ability for both of us to be home to parent our children.

As women we play so many roles, and I found it entirely too easy to leave myself out of the equation.  Thirty-One has empowered me to overcome obstacles, set goals, push through discomfort, and grow into the woman I was meant to be.  Being able to build a team allows me to share with other women as they pursue and achieve dreams of their own.

Thirty-One is a community based on passion and relationships.  The company provides an amazing product to sell, the training to get your business started and the freedom to set the goals that work best for you.  I am so grateful to have the support of women from all over the country who help me grow and learn what it means to be a Proverbs 31 woman…and it all started with a $99 kit and a feeling I had little to lose while trying something different!

There is room for everyone in this company.  Please feel free to contact me and allow me to help you experience Thirty-One - as a Customer, Hostess or Consultant!



Alexa Williams

Executive Director