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Hi, nice to meet you!

Hi! Let's get connected! Here's a little about me! 

  1. My middle name Mai, is pronounced "May"!
  2. I'm a happy Wife and Mom to 2 boys.
  3. I'm a 15+ yr Nurse as the Director in Assisted Living.
  4. I joined ThirtyOne in 2017 for $1. 
  5. I have served on PAC (presidential advisory council - TOP 6 in the company) 
  6. I have held title for TOP in STATE for Virginia.
  7. My Favorite part of this journey is Sponsoring!
  8. My biggest blessing as been the confidence found.
  9. The journey of confidence made me a better wife, mom, nurse and Sarah!
  10. I LOVE PIGS! and meeting new friends like you! My favorite product is.... Just kidding. Like my children, I can't pick a favorite! 

There's a little about me! Text the word WIN to 540.390.0310 so we can connect and I can get to know you and help with all your ThirtyOne needs!

Sarah Mai Johnson

Senior Director