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Hi, nice to meet you!

Ever so often I like to revisit why I joined 31 almost 8 years ago. Today as I reflect on the last 8 years, I realize a lot has changed in those 8 years and my why changes often. We are now empty-nesters, yeah, we didn't think the last one was ever going to leave.?? And I sure do miss him at times. ?? I think the main things Thirty-One has given me though is flexibility and friendship. I've always worked part-time jobs in addition to my full-time job, whether it was working for a small office in the evenings or whatever, those jobs always took me away from my family and didn't always pay for the gas and time I was actually away. Thirty-one allowed me to work around my "then" teenagers schedules and to have the flexibility to work when I wanted to work the extra job. It continues to allow me the flexibility to work "extra" when I want to, allowing me to work around my mom's health issues, or family events or Grammy time ??. It gives me something of my own to hold onto, take pride in, and continues to help me grow as a person. As we continue to transition through the empty nest stage, it allows me to focus not so much on the "empty" part. It's not always about the money, although that has allowed me to be flexible in many other ways too.

The friendships have been amazing from the beginning and continue to be one of the best parts of this journey.
I never went away to college so I never got to develop those roommate kind of friendships. We learn together, grow together and travel together. Some of my closest friends have come through Thirty-One as leaders, consultants and as customers. I have said before that friends have become customers and customers have become friends. One of my favorite parts to this day is meeting new people! 

Carol Rodeheaver

Senior Consultant