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Heather Shehane's SPRING has SPRUNG Party! 🌸

Join me in checking out SPRING at 31!
Host: Heather Shehane
Party Start Date: 4/6/2023

Lindsey Adams' Warren County HS cl '10 Fundrais 🌸

Join me as we Swing into Spring with 31 & set ourselves up for Success! While we raise funds for Warren County HS Class of 2010's reunion!
Host: Lindsey Adams
Party Start Date: 4/13/2023

Shea Tomlin's Swing into Spring Scroll Party! 🌸

Join me as we SWING into Spring with Thirty-One!
Host: Shea Tomlin
Party Start Date: 4/13/2023

MAY VIP PRIZE PARTY! (No Hostess Shop Here) 💐

No Hostess--No Problem-Shop thru this party & you could win the rewards! Check out our New Summer Line!
Host: Emma Hauschild
Party Start Date: 5/4/2023

Christina Westfall's MAY CLUB PARTY 💐

Join me for my May CLUB Party & check out the NEW SUMMER Catalog!
Host: Christina Westfall
Party Start Date: 5/5/2023

Marsha Holcomb's A-MAY-ZING 31 Party! 💐

Join me in shopping the New SUMMER Catalog & getting set for Summer!
Host: Marsha Holcomb
Party Start Date: 5/13/2023

Sarah Cochran's A-MAY-ZING 31 Party! 💐

Join me in checking out the NEW SUMMER catalog! And Get set for Summer!
Host: Sarah Cochran
Party Start Date: 5/13/2023

Amy Gerber's 31 Party!

Join me for grad gifts!
Host: Amy Gerber
Party Start Date: 5/18/2023

Paula Burns' MAY CLUB PARTY! 💐

Join me in Checking out SUMMER @ 31!
Host: Paula Burns
Party Start Date: 5/19/2023