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BAG bucks

BAG bucks

It Pays to Shop with Thirty-One!


It’s easy! Shop during a Bag Bucks earning period and get a $20 product credit when you spend $100 or more.


It’s like getting cash back when you shop with Thirty-One! Create a Customer account and start shopping your favorite products HERE!


Come back during the redemption dates and spend it just like cash!


Click on the “person” icon on the top right corner or click HERE


Follow the steps to log into your Customer account.


Once in checkout in the Payment screen, click the drop-down menu under "Benefits."


Select Bag Bucks Product Credit, then click Apply. Bag Bucks will be applied as a payment type to the order!

Don’t have an account? No worries!

Create A Customer Account


Click on the “person” icon on the top right corner or click HERE


Click on the "SIGN UP NOW" at the bottom of the page.


Follow the steps to create a Customer account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers who shop during the noted earning periods and spend $100 (not including tax or shipping) or more (US/CA) will earn a $20 credit (“Bag Bucks”) they can spend just like cash during the redemption dates. The credit will be added to their Customer Account at 8:00AM ET on the first day of the redemption period.

Yes, Customers will need to create a Customer Account prior to the redemption date to be eligible to receive the $20 Bag Bucks. You can find tutorials and information about creating a Customer Account in the “Instructional Videos” section of our Support Page.

Only (1) $20 credit will be given once a Customer spends $100 or more in a single order. For example, if someone places a $200 order, they will still receive $20 Bag Bucks. If a Customer places two separate $100+ orders with the same email address, they will still receive a total of $20 Bag Bucks.

You will see the $20 credit when you log into your Customer Account during the redemption dates. We will also send an email to opted-in Customers who receive Bag Bucks credits letting them know it’s time to shop! If you do not receive an email but placed a $100+ order during the earning period and created your Customer Account prior to the redemption period, you can visit the website and click on Sign In and begin a Retail or Party order during the redemption period. The Bag Bucks credit should be available as a payment type.

No, if the order you place is below $20, you will see the remaining credit balance in your account.

Yes, because the Bag Bucks is considered a form of payment, you can apply it towards tax and shipping.

Visit the website and click “Sign In” on the top right corner. Complete the steps to create an account.

You will receive a confirmation email once your account is set up.

Yes, you will only see the Bag Bucks credit as a payment type once logged into your account.

Bag Bucks can be used on Retail or Party orders, as long as the order is placed during the redemption period.

Yes, Insiders who place a retail order that meets the $100 retail minimum spend (not including tax, shipping and Insider benefits) will receive Bag Bucks to use on a future retail or party order.

No, a Bag Bucks credit cannot be used as a form of payment on an Insider order. Insiders can place a retail order on their own party and use the credit on that order.

Sorry, no!

The Bag Bucks will be refunded and may be used on another order given the redemption period hasn't expired. If the return happens after the redemption period, you will not receive any Bag Buck credits back into your account.

You can request to cancel your account by emailing