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We’re listening. 

A note from Cindy and Scott Monroe on behalf of Thirty-One Gifts and our community.

As a company, we do not typically make political or social statements.  However, as people, we care deeply and passionately about all people and are heartbroken over the continued evil of racism that plagues our world. As people of faith, we go first to our Creator seeking His wisdom and direction as we personally believe while mankind can and should take serious action, we must do so with a divine compass.

Unconditional love has been and will continue to be our driving force as we seek to further understand and stand up against hatred, racism, and injustice.  

We love and fully support our black and brown family members, friends, and community members as we all work together to end the continued division and discrimination that destroys the lives of so many.  We pray for and support the black community. It is unfortunate that it took yet another national tragedy for far too many to hear their voice for the first time. We pray for the family of George Floyd as they grieve the loss of their loved one. 

As we all experience and move through the pain and stress first caused by COVID-19 and now, the all too widespread racism that has been brought to light again, we remain true to our mission to celebrate, encourage, and reward all Women. We commit to continue our policy of unconditional love for all people. We will continue to support causes personally that serve to elevate broken people, many of whom are marginalized by wrong beliefs and ignorance that, unfortunately, still exist in our society. We encourage you to do the same by supporting causes you believe best bring about help and positive change.

We dont have the answers, but we believe that God does and if we turn to Him first, humble ourselves, learn from His wisdom, and let His presence soften our hearts and open our minds, then we can more effectively turn toward each other to work together in unity, to stop the hateful rhetoric and treatment of black and brown people in our country and across the world.

With love,
Cindy and Scott Monroe