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From June 1, 2024 (8AM ET) to July 1, 2024 (8AM ET), or while supplies last, Insiders who host a $500 party can receive an All Under Control Bundle (either in Whisper Grey or Cotton Candy) for $25 (US Consultants) or $33 (Canadian Consultants). Products subject to this offer are determined solely by Thirty-One Gifts. Eligible recipients can choose from available prints. Free personalization is available on products that may be personalized. Thirty-One Gifts determines which products may be personalized. Thirty-One Gifts reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time without notice. Other exclusions may apply.


HOT PINK DEALS. Shop great products at great prices each week!

Offer available for a limited time (as determined solely by Thirty-One Gifts) or while supplies last. No substitutions. Products provided as Mystery Deal options are determined solely by Thirty-One Gifts and are subject to change at any time without notice. Customers may only purchase one of each Mystery Deal per order. Prices do not reflect sales tax and shipping. This offer counts towards party totals and the spend necessary to reach the regular Customer Special where customers who spend $50 (US) or $60 (CA) receive additional benefits, more fully described in those offers. Insider Perks and Customer Special may not be used to purchase Mystery Deals. Normal refund policy may not apply to purchases made under this offer. Offer subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Thirty-One Gifts.



Offer valid through June 2024. With qualifying purchases of $50 (US) or $60 (CA), customers can choose to receive EITHER: 1) 50% off the regular retail price of one additional item OR 2) the Canvas Boat Tote (in prints determined solely by Thirty-One Gifts) for $31 (US) or $43 (CA). Canvas Boat Tote available while supplies last and should inventory needs of Thirty-One Gifts require, only option #1 will be made available to qualifying customers (advance notice may not be able to be provided in this scenario). Qualifying purchases do not include tax, shipping charges and/or the purchase price of items discounted under this offer. Other restrictions may apply. This offer may not be combined with Insider Rewards, Gift Certificates, or other discounts or offers unless otherwise noted.



Get up to 50% in savings when you shop must-have bundle deals!

Bundles are priced as shown. Bundle pricing may not be combined with other offers or discounts, including Insider Rewards, unless otherwise noted. Rewards for Everyone discount may not be applied to Bundles. Returns of one item in a bundle may result in a price adjustment reflecting the purchase of a single item. Other restrictions and exclusions may apply. Bundle pricing subject to change.



Shipping and sales tax will also be charged when applicable. Enrollment opportunities, including available Enrollment Kits, are subject to change based on season, available inventory and other considerations. Consultants who choose customizable kits and do not make their customization selections will receive a kit with pre-selected personalization and prints. Consultants will also be charged a monthly subscription fee, currently $16.95 plus applicable tax, covering the cost of a personal website and branded emails sent to your Customers. Consultants may cancel their monthly website subscription at any time. Information about website subscriptions, including cancelation, is available to Consultants in the Consultant Guidebook. Purchase of an Enrollment Kit or a monthly website subscription is not required in North Dakota or where prohibited by law. For more information go to the “Be A Consultant” page at



when you host a $200+ party!

Insider Exclusives and Insider Rewards are available when you host a $200+ party and may not be combined with other discounts or offers unless otherwise noted. Number of Insider Exclusives you can purchase, Insider Credits you can receive, and number of free and/or half-price items you can receive depends on your qualifying party total. Qualifying party total excludes shipping, tax and Insider Rewards. Other exclusions may apply. Free personalization is available on Insider Exclusives that can be personalized unless otherwise noted. Insider half-price items that can be personalized receive personalization for half-price. Insider Rewards may not be used to purchase half-price items. When using Insider Credits to purchase Insider Exclusives, Exclusives are offered at their regular retail price. No substitutions. Items available while supplies last. Insiders pay shipping on discounted and free products. Free and discounted products may be subject to taxes. Offers and items subject to change. Items available while supplies last. For updated information, speak with your Consultant or go to[ca].

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When a new Consultant sells $750 in Personal Volume (as that term is defined in the Career Path booklet) in their first 60 days as a Consultant, they will receive $75 in Product Credits (up to $125 Retail Value) useable towards certain products and Business Supplies offered to Consultants by Thirty-One Gifts. These amounts may be different for Marketplace orders. Business Supplies eligible for use with the Product Credit are determined solely by Thirty-One Gifts. Product Credits provided under this offer do not currently have an expiration date but may expire after earned without advance notice. Sponsors of new Consultants who qualify in their first 60 days will earn a $75 product credit from Thirty-One Gifts not restricted to Business Supplies. Products available while supplies last. Consultants and sponsors may be responsible for taxes on earned products.

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