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Hi, nice to meet you!

Feel free to browse around to find something for yourself, or a loved one.  Thirty-one has something for everyone! If you'd like help finding that perfect tote for yourself, or gift for someone special, feel free to call/text or email me using my contact information below. 

If you'd like to see 50% off options customer specials click the following link:

If you'd like to get FREE products, let me know and I can help you host a party either in person if you live in the Twin Cities, or via Facebook or Zoom. I also do fundraisers for any organizations.

About me:

I am 31 addict. :) I was what they call a kit-napper. I bought the kit for $99 and I had no intention of "selling" anything. I am an introvert with social anxiety! But then I learned about Thirty-One Gives, and their Round Up! program that began in 2012 to help with an organization called Girl Talk, and I was hooked, because at the time my daughter was 12, and it just spoke to me. Then I learned that Thirty-One is from Proverbs 31, which is about the Virtuous Woman. And 31 truly is all about Rewarding, Encouraging, and Celebrating women....I fell in love....because I don't know about you, but I needed as much of those things as I could possibly get!

And so here I am 9 years later! I have a small team & love being able to help people who to 'try Thirty-One" on, for a season or become a lifer like me. :) I sincerely do this for fun because I do have some health challenges, that requires me to be flexible and kind to myself, and 31 can be whatever anyone wants it to be. And that's another thing I love. It is different for everyone. If you are a fellow addict and want a dealer or sponsor, I am happy to help! But beware...once you get a taste of this amazing company in addition to the fabulous products, you will be hooked too! But truly it is the best thing I ever did for myself and my self esteem. 

If you would like to be a fellow kit-napper, click on "become a consultant" and then "join now". It only takes about five minutes to sign up and you'll have your kit in about 3-5 days! 

Please feel free to call/text me anytime with questions - 651-998-9648.

Keeley Schmidt

Thirty-One Independent Consultant

Keeley Schmidt