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Hi, nice to meet you!

Hi there!  Thank you so much for visiting my website!

Just a little about myself:

My name is Rhonda Sebade!  I am a mom, grandma, work my side gigs full-time and I am a Thirty-One Director!!

I had received as gifts Thirty-One totes for my birthday in July, 2012.  I did not know how to use them and had never seen the product so I put them in a closet unopened!  I then attended my 1st party in December of 2012.  I found myself helping guests at the party pesonalize products and fell in love with everything!  I decided to host a party to earn free bags in January, 2013.  I had already saw the kit on the back of the catalog for $99 and it had piqued my interest!  The night of my party a friend was ready to host a party with my consultant and I decided then I wanted to join!  I thought to myself I can do this and I wanted to purchase my bags at a discount!  My goal was to share how to use the products so others weren't like me and kept them unopened in a closet!

My "why"-the reason I became a consultant was because it was a dream to take my family to Disney World.  We had a Dream Rewards incentive that popped up and I did just that!  I earned Disney bucks and we all went to Disney!

Thirty-One has helped me make that dream come true, but has done so much more!  I had never felt with my full-time job I had ever accomplished  professionally what I had in me to do.  With the Thirty-One opportunity, I found ME!  I was a very shy person in my life and I am no longer that.  I was asked to speak one year at our national conference in front of 10,000 + people and I did it!  This opportunity has really made me realize I have so may skills and abilities I had never tapped into!

Now my "why" has changed!  I had a goal to do this side gig full time and I did that in June, 2022!  My goal is for financial freedom and to be available to spend time with my family on my terms!  

Thirty-One's mission is to CELEBRATE-ENCOURAGE-REWARD women....and that is exactly what I LOVE doing...Celebrating my team, customers and hostesses!!!

Because of people like you, I am able to help my family!...So my family THANKS YOU for supporting my small business!  We truly appreciate YOU!


Rhonda Sebade


Current Awards and Honors:

Circle of Honor (featured in Spring/Summer Catalog)-2015
Riviera Maya Leadership Trip Earner-2014
Riviera Maya Leadership Trip Earner-2015
Leadership Council 2015-2016 (#7 in Personal Volume $82,000 in Personal Volume)
National Conference Presenter (Denver)-2015
Dominican Republic Leadership Trip Earner-2016
Bahama Cruise Ultra Level Leadership Trip Earner-2017
Atlantis Leadership Trip Earner-2018
Maui Leadership Trip Earner-2019
Sea of Dreams-Wishes Incentive Trip Earner-2020
Punta Cana Incentive Trip Earner (Super Rockstar)-2022
Los Cabos Incentive Trip Earner-2023

Rhonda Sebade

Elite Consultant