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Trimming the Stigma

Spend 50 and get either a retail item 50% off or a Mesh utility tote for $12!
Host: river Carpenter
Party Start Date: 4/3/2024

Jorae wickham's bag bash

The customer special when you have 50 in your car, you can get something for half off or the new medium fresh market for $10
Host: Jorae Wickham
Party Start Date: 5/13/2024

Bella Kanter's bag bash!

shop the customer special and get EIther Half off any Retail Item or a a discounted special!
Host: Bella Kanter
Party Start Date: 5/24/2024

Kellen mooney's bag bash

shop the custoker special by putting $50 In your cart and gettinngig something 50% off or a medium fresh market thermal for just $10 In thr month of may!
Host: Kellen Mooney
Party Start Date: 5/26/2024