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Hi, nice to meet you!

As women we wear many hats...and carry many BAGS! Thirty-One will help you organize your hectic schedules: there is a bag for every purpose!Let's face it, the more organized we are, the less stressed we are in our hectic schedules. Add cute prints and embroidery and it is a sure to win formula for success! Check out the organizing totes in all sizes. They are great as desk organizers, laundry or closet organizers, etc. Customize them for towels, toys, odds and ends. The possibilities are endless!

Thirty-One changed my family's life in October 2010. With my husband in school full time and basically one income we needed a way to make ends meet. Thirty-One has surpassed all my hopes of just paying the bills. I love their mission: to celebrate, encourage and reward women for who we are and all we do! Not only have we paid the bills, but through Thirty-One we have earned our first cruise to celebrate our 5th anniversary as well as 3 all inclusive trips to tropical resorts. I also earned an iPad2 and Xbox 360 with Kinect for my sales, both at times when we didn't have the extra money in our budget to afford such luxuries. Did I mention all the free bags?

More than the material things, I see the difference it makes in my family. It allows my son to attend a great private school and us to go away for the weekend. It has even made our son's dreams come true by visiting LegoLand this summer. More than that, it allows me to meet the most amazing women...and then see how Thirty-One is blessing their family.

Thirty-One has amazing bags and products, but it is so much more than bags. Have you thought about a party or
all the perks of becoming a consultant? I would love to chat with you about it!

Dream Big!

Cristi Witt