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JANUARY 10 - 23 ONLY!1

Start a side hustle & join an
empowering community.


Join as a Consultant and the best perks are all yours!


    There are lots of ways to earn as a Thirty-One Consultant:

    • Earn 25% commission on all sales and up to 35% as a Leader
    • Receive bonuses and additional compensation as you rise through the ranks
    • Earn exclusive trips when you reach key business milestones
    • Enjoy a 25% discount and earn FREE products through incentive programs

    Get started successfully with free, unlimited access to industry-leading tools and dozens of online training modules through Thirty-One Academy.

    Learn and manage your business on the go with the My Thirty-One app available on iOS and Google Play.


    Whatever your lifestyle, our tools are designed to help you work whenever and wherever you want. Work your business your way – part-time or full-time – to fit your personal and professional goals.


    As a Consultant, you get access to business coaching from your sponsor and the Home Office team. Experience the support of our sisterhood, and feel confident with training materials and marketing tools designed to help you grow your business.

    Plus, when you host your own party you can earn exclusive rewards like discounts, free products and specials. (We call our Thirty-One hosts Insiders!)

Get started in just 5 minutes!

Becoming a Thirty-One Consultant is quick and easy!


Complete online enrollment in just 5 minutes


Receive your custom Enrollment Kit full of Thirty-One products.


Start selling!

You’re in business! Access training and resources through your Consultant website.

Select From These 3 Starter Kits:


 $59 $40.71 KIT1

$264 Value

8 of our most popular styles! You choose your prints, plus one personalization design!

Kit includes the following:

signature fan faves

 $99 $68.31 KIT1

$434 Value

Includes everything from our Basic Bestsellers Kit, PLUS 3 additional styles. You pick your prints & 3 personalization designs!

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 $179 $123.51 KIT1

$766 Value

Includes everything from our Signature Fan Faves Kit, PLUS 7 additional styles. You pick your prints & 5 personalization designs!

Kit includes the following:

How much
could you earn?

Thirty-One Consultants make competitive 25% commission on all sales from day 1.

sales per month 25%
$2,000 1 $500
$1,500 $375
$1,000 $250
$500 $125
$100 $25
$1 Start

Meet Our

Hear from others who have joined the Thirty-One community

  • "Thirty-one was a side hustle for almost four years with my day job as a teacher. Since then it has grown and taken off! This year I stepped away from the classroom to be home with my two girls and pursue things I'm more passionate about including, Thirty-One.."

    - Shallon

  • "When I joined Thirty-One as a mom and a full-time accountant, I was surprised at how easy and flexible it was to fit my business into my life. The extra income was perfect to pay for things like trips to the zoo and gymnastics lessons."

    - Samantha
    Executive Director

  • "Thirty-One has given me self-confidence I didn't know I was missing and a sisterhood that has become my closest circle of friends. It fuels my passion to help others and inspire women to live a life they love!"

    - Jennifer
    Senior Director

  • "I work my business from wherever I am – waiting to pick up my kids from school or practice, on my couch or in my office. I can schedule parties around my family's activities and never miss anything that’s important for me."

    - Candice
    Senior Director

want to
know more?

Our mission is simple: to empower and support women by providing opportunity.


Giving back to women and their families is who we are. See how we do it!


Frequently Asked Questions

Being an Insider is fun and free! Insiders host parties and give friends and family the chance to shop Thirty-One products. With a qualifying party, Insiders can earn discounts, free products, exclusive items and credits that can be redeemed to purchase Thirty-One products.

Consultants are independent business owners authorized to sell Thirty-One products for a commission. Thirty-One Consultants earn income by holding in-person or virtual parties, taking orders from their personalized website, and enrolling new consultants to grow their team.

Purchasing a kit provides you with business essentials and establishes your Consultant account, enabling access to training resources, sales and marketing materials and your very own personalized website.

Become a Consultant and start selling in three easy steps:

  1. Click Join Us
  2. Complete the new Consultant online enrollment process
  3. Order your kit

With your personalized Thirty-One website, you can start selling Thirty-One products the same day you sign up!

You can start selling Thirty-One products and earning 25% commission the same day that you sign up! Commission is paid twice per month. Details about commission payments are available to Consultants in the Consultant Guidebook.

For more information about what you can expect to earn as a Consultant, click here to view our Income Disclosure Statement.

Thirty-One Consultants are never in business alone! All new Consultants receive access to step-by-step training, coaching and guidance from experienced sponsors and fun training modules on Thirty-One Today, your virtual office, that will walk you through setting up your business and getting started.

As a Consultant, you’re also invited to our annual conference, IMPACT, where you can meet other Consultants and learn from the best in the business!

No, you don’t need to know a Consultant to join Thirty-One. If you don’t know a Consultant who you want as your sponsor, we will match you with an experienced sponsor who can serve as your coach and help you get started successfully!

Consultants earn 25% commission on their qualifying sales from day one. Your earning potential is dependent upon how much you sell. By promoting to Director level, you can earn bonuses and up to 35% commission when you meet specific requirements. Refer to our Income Disclosure Statement for additional details.

How much do Consultants earn?

As with any business, success depends on the amount of time you devote to your business and the amount of work you put into it. It’s all up to you! Here’s an idea of what to expect.

U.S. Thirty-One Gifts LLC Income Disclosure Statement 2020

Consultant Yearly Income2% of all Consultants3,4
Less than $1 25.2%
$1 — $99 22.4%
$100 — $999 41.3%
$1000 — $1,999 5.9%
$2,000 — $2,999 1.9%
$3,000 — $3,999 0.9%
$4,000 — $4,999 0.5%
$5,000 — $9,999 1.0%
$10,000 — $99,999 1.0%
$100,000+ Less than 0.1%

With the opportunity to work from home and be a business owner, you can chart your own unique course. A Thirty-One business is yours to dream, build, and develop!

We understand each Consultant's experience is unique – some Consultants join simply to receive a discount on Thirty-One products and many others start off selling products to earn a little extra money. If you choose to build your own business at Thirty-One, the information in the table, for 2020, should help you better understand the amount of income that Consultants can earn. For example, in 2020, approximately:

  • 25.2% of Consultants earned less than $1;
  • 22.4% of Consultants earned between $1 and $99; and
  • 41.3% of Consultants earned between $100 and $999.

Please note that Thirty-One Gifts does not require Consultants to purchase or maintain inventory and, in fact, our policies prohibit this practice. Note also that these income figures do not represent a Consultant’s profit, as they do not consider expenses incurred by a Consultant in the operation or promotion of her business.

The figures in the table refer to gross income (total income before any expenses are deducted) and expenses that a Consultant incurs in the operation of her business can vary widely. You should factor in estimated expenses when projecting potential profits.5

The income of the Consultants in the table is not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that you or any particular Consultant can or will earn through her Thirty-One business and should not be considered guarantees or projections of your actual earnings, income or profits. Your success with Thirty-One depends on several factors, such as time devoted to your business, tenure and hard work. For instance, the top 1% of those Consultants with the highest yearly income in the table have an average tenure with Thirty-One of 83 months. It is important to keep in mind that, like all businesses, some Consultants will succeed in earning income and some will not.

1. 31% Off Enrollment Kits offer available January 10, 2022 to January 23, 2022 or while supplies last. Shipping and sales tax will also be charged. Enrollment Kits subject to change based on season, available inventory and other considerations. Consultants who choose customizable kits and do not make their customization selections will receive a kit with pre-selected personalization and prints. Consultants will also be charged a monthly subscription fee, currently $16.95 plus applicable tax, covering the cost of a personal website and branded emails sent to your Customers. Consultants may cancel their monthly website subscription at any time. Information about website subscriptions, including cancelation, is available to Consultants in the Consultant Guidebook. Purchase of an Enrollment Kit or a monthly website subscription is not required in North Dakota or where prohibited by law.

2. Income is defined as commissions earned by a Consultant from Thirty-One for her sale of products and any applicable overrides as defined in the Career Path booklet.

3. This table includes Consultants as of Dec. 31, 2020 (or earlier in the year if the Consultant relationship was terminated).

4. This table includes 69,273 Consultants who were active for at least one month in 2020. An active Consultant is defined as a Consultant who submits $200 in personal sales volume in a rolling three-month period (including the current month and two months prior).

5. Such operating expenses could include advertising and promotional expenses, product samples, training, travel, telephone and Internet costs, and miscellaneous expenses.