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Hi, nice to meet you!

Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts with Deb!

You will love our products! Be Stylish. Be Organized. Get it Personalized.

For those who are new, I offer totes, purses, thermals, bags, organizational and storage products and home décor.

My products make life easier and help busy people on-the-go combine their passion for fashion with their desire for organization. Stylish, functional, and affordable describe the items I offer for the whole family. (Yes, I have products for the men and boys in your life!)

Most items can be personalized, making them one-of-a-kind gifts for just a few more dollars.

I am passionate about helping women in Minnesota and across the country find fun, fashionable, and functional items everyone will love; with fresh looks every season. Let’s organize your life at home and on-the-go. These are perfect gifts for everyone on your list – even yourself!

Being a Virtuous Woman (Proverbs 31):

When I signed up with Thirty-One Gifts in Minneapolis, MN, I was looking to share great tote solutions,

get out of the house a few nights a month and provide fun spending money for my family.

I additionally welcomed the chance to give back to my community in new ways. 

As I discovered the benefits of this leadership opportunity, I pursued my business goals head-on.

While financial benefits played a role in defining my goals, my greater aspiration is empowering women to realize their potential through Thirty-One. It's been rewarding to see what Thirty-One has done to help them accomplish more than they ever thought possible. In the end, it's not about money, but what those resources can do. 

If you think this sounds like a good fit or you want to learn more about the company or my nationwide team, please contact me. I’d be happy to help you create your own Opportunity of a Lifetime for less your average shopping trip to your big box store.

Deb Wieberdink


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