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If you would like to place an order, select one of my parties below.

Thank you so much for your business!

Shop without a Party


No hostess? Place your online order here and receive a gift certificate from me for a future order! Be sure to choose DIRECT SHIP if you want the items sent to you. Don't miss out on the customer specials this month!
Hosted by: Wieberdink Group
Order Online By: 10/27/2019, Contact Consultant

GIFT CLUB #2 - Janell Colley

This is for the Gift club members in the called Gift Club #2
Hosted by: Janell Colley
Order Online By: 10/16/2019, Contact Consultant

GIFT CLUB #1 - Lacie Dehn

Friends of Lacie and Gift Club #1 members welcome! Order here and don’t forget to grab your specials! October is spend $35, get up to two medium totes for $20. Enjoy!!
Hosted by: Lacie Dehn
Order Online By: 10/18/2019, Contact Consultant

GiFT CERTIFICATES - follow directions

If you are using a gift certificate provided by me, place your order here CHOOSE SHIP TO HOSTESS or I cannot apply it. Then contact me to let me know the gift certificate amount and I will be apply it to the order and ship direct to you. Thank you!
Hosted by: Wieberdink Group
Order Online By: 12/29/2019, Contact Consultant


Hosted by: Janelle Hennen
Order Online By: 10/30/2019, Contact Consultant

Elyssa Danahy

Hosted by: Elyssa Danahy
Order Online By: 11/15/2019, Contact Consultant

SHIPPING SUCKED - use your $20 credit here!

Shopping event for everyone with $20 gift credit from Thirty-One for the delayed shipping! Place your order here. You will be entered in the drawing to win hostess rewards! Everything will be given away and prizes for EVERYONE that orders!
Hosted by: Wieberdink Group
Order Online By: 10/16/2019, Contact Consultant