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Spring 2020 Circle of Honor

Since 2003, Thirty-One has helped thousands of women change their lives for the better. Many of these women joined the Thirty-One family simply to earn some spending money or get an occasional girls’ night out, but they quickly realized that Thirty-One can be a life-changing opportunity.

Each season we recognize several of our most successful Consultants, sharing their inspiring stories of how they reached their dreams through Thirty-One. These women become part of our “Circle of Honor,” joining other top Consultants in a group that’s celebrated for being the best of the best.

These stories are inspiring, but are not a guarantee of your own actual earnings. See our Income Disclosure Statement (US) or Statement of Typical Participant's Earnings (CA) for details.

If you're interested in becoming a consultant, discover what an Enrollment Kit and a dream can do for you.

Tara Ball

Senior Director • Joined 2010

“Thirty-One has allowed me to give back to my community, schools and organizations throughout my state with fundraisers and other donations. It has been such a blessing to work together with so many individuals and organizations to help make a difference in the lives of others. This ‘job’ fills my heart with so much joy. It inspires me to dream big, pushes me to set and strive for big goals and provides me with new experiences, all while giving me the flexibility to do it on my terms and around my family schedule.”

Jenny Finnimore

Senior Director • Joined 2015

“I always wanted to be a mom, and I have two boys because of Thirty-One. Our fertility treatments were expensive but, thanks to this ‘bag gig,’ I was able to completely pay for all of the medical treatments in order to grow our family. There is no set schedule we have to follow, so we get to drop things, and just go. This flexibility allows me to be a full-time mom to my two boys, while still earning a full-time income. My boys get to go and see and do things we normally could not. I never imagined Thirty-One would take me this far!”

Julie Goodman

Executive Director • Joined 2010

“I can’t imagine ever going back to a 9-to-5 job where someone else was in charge. The flexibility and freedom that Thirty-One offers is absolutely incredible and has given me the opportunity to pour my time and attention into the things that matter the most! My faith and family are the most important things in my world and being able to be at home with our four kids during the most foundational years of their lives, as well as lead a ministry at our church, has given me a life that I absolutely love. It gives me the chance to keep the important parts of my life at the center of what I do and fit in my work around them, instead of the other way around.”

Heidi Hagberg

Director • Joined 2010

“The income from Thirty-One has impacted our family in huge ways. We were able to build our dream home and say YES to the little extras in life: pedicures, family adventures, date nights and more. Plus, it has given me the opportunity to take my husband on six vacations! When I joined Thirty-One, I knew it was a way to make some extra money. I never dreamed that it would also be the avenue to meet and make lifelong best friends!”

Lorna Pasinato

Senior Director • Joined 2014

“With Thirty-One, I LOVE Mondays! I wake up each day wondering whose life I can help change. I’ve never loved another job like I love Thirty-One. I have made some of the best friendships, and I’ve also become more confident in my own abilities by being able to help others and feeling their sincere appreciation. It’s truly made me so much more positive and always thinking how I can help people improve the life they have and be able to live their best life possible. It’s not just about the products – it’s the message, the mission and the change that Thirty-One is making in the world!”

Bobbi Trisko

Executive Director • Joined 2007

“This sisterhood is the piece of my life I didn't know I was missing. My business has brought my dearest friends into my life from different cities and states. They encourage me to push myself and be a better me. In return I can be the listening ear, the hug or the voice of encouragement for someone else. Amazing women I wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for Thirty-One. I love that God brings people in your path for a reason, and I'm blessed by each of them.”

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Beth Bramlett

“I started Thirty-One on a whim. I was scared to death when I started and thought it would be something I’d do just to put money back into savings, but after 16 years of not feeling fulfilled by teaching, Thirty-One gave me the opportunity to retire. I never expected to love it and run with it, but now I can’t imagine doing anything else!

Thirty-One has given me a purpose and passion I never had. I’m truly happy with what I do, and I’m not mentally and physically exhausted at the end of the work day. We are truly a sisterhood, built on faith, with a common goal of empowering one another, and I’m so thankful I took that leap of faith and joined.”

Debbie Hetherington

“Having the flexibility to make my own schedule has become so precious to me. I’m able to help care for my elderly mother and mother-in-law by taking them to their appointments and doing their grocery shopping for them, and I’m also able to take time to visit my three sons. Two are in college, and I love being able to say, ‘Hey, how about tomorrow I come out and take you to lunch.’

As the years have passed, my belief and confidence in my abilities has grown tremendously. I think there’s a misconception that direct sales is just a ‘side hobby’ and that you can’t make ‘real money’ doing this. I am living proof that you can be successful when you have a goal and are willing to put forth the effort to make that goal a reality.”


“I was living in my ‘mom bubble,’ happy to be home with my kids, but lost in the daily routines. I started doing one party a month and realized how great it felt to just get out of the house and spend time with other women – and on top of that I was making money!

With Thirty-One, I don’t have to ask permission to spend time with my family. I don’t have to worry if my kids are sick, and I don’t have to miss a dance recital or soccer game. How much I work is up to me, and if I want to earn more income I can choose to work harder or book another party that month.

Being a part of the Thirty-One team is like having thousands of people in your corner. It doesn’t matter if you’ve met them or just know them from online. We are a true sisterhood who cheer and support each other.”

Debbie Kobernick

“The very first spring of being a Consultant, I was able to purchase a ski boat for my family to enjoy. This was the eye-opening time when we began to see the real possibilities of this business. Three years later when my youngest was born, I was able to stay home full-time and work my Thirty-One business. Since that time, we’ve been able to build our dream house.

Thirty-One has been able to give my family choices that I never would have imagined. I can work from home and be available for school events or parties that I would have previously had to miss. We recently visited Florida because of the Wishes Rewards I was able to earn through Thirty-One, and it was a dream come true for my kids!”

Jessica Kremer

“I believe in the endless possibilities, heart and determination of this amazing company. Now, I am able to say ‘yes’ to so many more things in life for my four daughters. The mini vacations, camping trips and shopping adventures we’re able to do together as a family and the memories they create are what it’s all about.

I love the flexibility that Thirty-One gives me to be able to stay home with my children and not have to miss out on their many milestones in life. Thirty-One has given me the freedom to work from home or on the go, or even while in the hospital after delivering my two younger daughters! It’s nice to have a job where I feel like I'm going to a party every time I leave the house!”

Mariekan Martin

“Because of Thirty-One, I was able to finish my master’s degree in education and pay for it in full. I was then able to retire from my teaching job in 2012 to do Thirty-One full-time – I am a teacher of a different type now.

Thirty-One has given me a way to offer other women an opportunity and make a difference in their lives. I can teach other women to do what I do, give them confidence and empower them just as Thirty-One has empowered me. Thirty-One has made me a confident woman – I believe in me now.

In all other jobs I've had, it's always been about what more I could do. Rarely was I ever told I was doing a good job. Thirty-One shows us they appreciate us in so many ways. Being a Consultant makes you want to work harder because you know it's appreciated.”


“I absolutely love the products and the ability to personalize. With a name like Liisa, I never found my name on anything growing up! Being able to offer the unique ability to personalize was what I could really stand behind and share.

I am absolutely fulfilled by my full-time job as a teacher, but there was a part of me that wanted something just a little bit more in my life. I didn’t know what it was, and I certainly wasn’t looking for it, but then that pink box showed up on my doorstep! I had zero sales experience, and I certainly wasn’t adventurous, but I find that when you authentically love something, the sales part comes naturally. Thirty-One is fun and taps into skills that I didn’t know I had.

I am proud to be a Thirty-One Consultant because this company believes in and stands behind our product and mission. It makes it easy to sell and promote because the company’s virtues are ones I share myself.”


“When I started Thirty-One, it was because I needed something for me. Not only had I just had my first child, but I had also just lost my mom. Getting out of the house, connecting with other women and contributing to our family’s income were all important factors that enabled me to work through a difficult time.

I never could have imagined all of the amazing women I would meet as a result of starting this business. The relationships I’ve had the pleasure of developing with my Hostesses, Customers and fellow Consultants have truly had such a positive impact on my life. I am so thankful for each person I’ve met on this journey!

Every day with Thirty-One beats even my best day with any past jobs! The flexible schedule, genuine relationships and a culture of women empowering one another is an experience that everyone deserves to have.”

Heidi McNeil

“Thirty-One has given me the gift of choosing my own adventure. I’ve done other direct sales companies, and nothing compares to Thirty-One. It has given me so much more than I ever thought possible when I signed up for that kit.

I've experienced miscarriages and infant loss during my time with Thirty-One, and during those times I was blessed with how my team stepped up and carried on as well as the love I felt from other Thirty-One leaders. The random acts of kindness were truly humbling and such a blessing.

I also love how much fun my husband has with this business! He has always been such a cheerleader for me, and he enjoys Thirty-One events as much as I do!”


“There is so much to be proud of with this company. What we stand for, what we’re striving for and all the amazing things it does for so many others!

My favorite thing we do is our Thirty-One Gives program. I have been able to give back to our community through monetary donations, product donations, meals to families in need at Christmastime. Without Thirty-One I could have never been able to afford to do these things.

This company makes me proud every single day to be a part of it.”

Sheree Schuler

“After starting our family, I journeyed into the corporate world. There, you never knew if what you were doing was helping or driving the bottom line. I enjoy the communication from Home Office that lets us know how the company is doing, where we are at regarding goals and projections and what we can do to make an impact. We are an industry leader whose Consultants have the drive to achieve big goals and excel in a very competitive environment.

I am proud to be a Thirty-One Consultant because of our dedication to our core values and mission statement. Simply put, the company isn’t just about empowering women to sell bags but rather selling bags to empower women, and that warms my heart. My life is 180 degrees different than it was nine years ago – Thirty-One was just what I needed!”

Tyree Toohey

“After joining Thirty-One, I realized I do need a tribe of girlfriends. My husband is my best friend, which is great, but you can't replace having that tribe that has your back. I have so many friends all over the country (and Canada) that are true friends and some are now my best friends. Finding a group of like-minded people with the same personal and business values as you is extraordinary.

Being part of the Celebrate, Encourage & Reward culture has made me more intentional about saying the nice things I'm thinking. I love seeing how Consultants on my team have gained self-confidence and been able to do so many things for themselves and their families. Whether it's buying a new home, a new car, or traveling, I love seeing their hard work pay off.”

Lindsey Bullard

“Of course, earning dream trips for free and the financial aspect have been amazing, but what has truly changed in my life, thanks to Thirty-One, is that my income has allowed me to be a mom.

We have been able to use my income to adopt our two handsome boys. I will forever be grateful to Thirty-One because it has made this dream come true!

I am proud to be a Thirty-One Consultant because I know the heart of the company is founded on faith and family. The values the company demonstrates, from the top down, and that are integrated in everything we do, are values we should all mirror in our everyday lives. I don’t know of another company that believes in empowering women the way Thirty-One does. It truly is a company that is grounded in celebrating, encouraging, and rewarding women!"

Autumn Colavita

“I am proud to be a Thirty-One Consultant because Thirty-One is a company that cares.

We are constantly giving back to our communities and the support offered to Consultants is incredible.

It has allowed us to take trips we never dreamed of doing on our own. And it allows me to work from home and to be there for my kids each and every day while making income to help support my family.”

Jackie Gerbers

“Teaching was very rewarding knowing that I could truly affect a child’s life. But very rarely did we get verbal recognition on a job 'well done.'

Thirty-One always has a way of making us feel truly appreciated and celebrated every step of the way, whether it’s a phone call from Home Office staff or simply calling in and speaking with a Consultant Support representative. It’s an amazing feeling to feel appreciated.

Thirty-One upholds our core values in every aspect of the business. They truly care about each of their Consultants and make this world a better place. The integrity of the company cannot be matched."

Ivy Hasenplug

“I am a Consultant because I want to provide for my family financially, help other women find success, and become a better wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend!

I started out only looking to make a few extra bucks here and there, but it quickly turned into something much more! God allowed me to find myself again!

Now I have the most amazing friends that I know I could call on at any moment across the country! I have been able to financially provide for my family over the last 8 years, and I found my identity in Christ again. After having our son, I fell into a deep postpartum depression where I had lost myself. I began thinking I was only a mom and a wife. I forgot that I am ME! God brought Thirty-One into my life when I needed it most!"

Sara Inman

“Having my own Thirty-One business allows me to manage my additional income according to my goals. If I have bigger financial needs, I can book heavier! If I don't want to party on a certain day, I don't! Flexibility is a huge factor. Thirty-One has shown me that with others pouring into me, I can in turn pour into others.

There is no greater feeling than helping someone else accomplish their goals.

I don't think I ever would have realized this without Thirty-One. It’s given me confidence about myself that I didn't realize was missing before Thirty-One! I am proud to be a part of something bigger that is truly more than a bag! I love helping others and love seeing the good things that Thirty-One brings to so many lives."

Carrie Looy

“Thirty-One can’t be compared to my previous job, and that is a huge part of my why. Thirty-One was a blessing to me because It allows me to work on my own schedule and be my own boss. I am there for my kids and husband every day. I no longer need to fear (or feel nervous) to walk into work.

I love what I am doing and have gained so much confidence and reached goals I never thought I could reach, let alone make them in the first place. My life before Thirty-One lacked. I wasn’t allowing myself to dream at all before Thirty-One and now I have many dreams and believe they can come true!"

Eileen Mueller

“I have met lifelong best friends through this company. The women I know, whether they live in my town or across the country, are my sisters. When I laugh, they laugh. And when I cry, they cry. I lost my father quite suddenly in December 2017. The love, support, meals and special keepsake gifts I received filled me with such a sense of peace. God and my parents blessed me with four sisters, and Thirty-One has blessed me with hundreds of sisters that are equally as important to me as the ones related by blood!

This company truly puts the 'Heart of Her' first. I know that every strategic move that Home Office makes was created with the Consultant field in mind. I love being a part of such a giving company with a philanthropic heart."

Aimee Newton

“The relationships I have made over the years not only with my team but my Customers is second to none! I love that when someone thinks of Thirty-One where I live, the first thing most people say is, 'You must know Aimee!'

Who would have thought that $99 would change my life in ways I cannot even explain.

It is an honor just to be a ‘CEO’ of my business and not worry about day-to-day things!

I love the flexibility it gives me with my schedule. It even allowed me to go part-time this past summer from my full-time job."

Renee Pugh

“I joined Thirty-One to work toward my dream of being a stay-at-home mom! Two years into my business I was able to achieve that dream and quit my full-time job. Now I am a Consultant to continue helping to bring in the income we need for our family so that I can continue to stay at home with our two boys.

What surprises me most about being a Consultant is the success I've had! I've always looked at other ladies in direct sales and thought it was too good to be true, but now that 'too good to be true' is my reality!

It’s given me confidence about myself that I didn't realize was missing before Thirty-One! I believe in ME now! The friendships I've gained through this business are priceless! It makes me sad to think of all the amazing women I would have never met had I not joined Thirty-One!"

April Travis

“We’ve been that married couple with zero dollars in our account, living in a camper for almost two years and struggling to buy food.

Thirty-One has given us a chance to redeem our financial situation, purchase a home, take family vacations, allow our girls to join activities and pay for private school education.

There are no words to express my gratitude for Thirty-One truly changing my family’s life. I enjoy being part of a company that desires to change the lives of women and their families. I see the vision to live differently and I love that I can share Jesus, encourage women and provide for my family all at the same time."

Patricia Verhelst

“I love the person I have become because of Thirty-One. The sisterhood and the friendships I have built that I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t join Thirty-One. I love how Thirty-One provides flexibility, financial rewards and family involvement.

Thirty-One is so much more than a bag; it gives women the freedom to pursue their dreams.

I am very proud to be part of a company that really appreciates and supports me and makes me feel that I truly do matter!"

Crystal Verot

“I believe that Thirty-One has given me back a sense of who I am as an individual. After having my first baby I made a very hard decision to leave real estate so that I could stay home to raise my girls.

Thirty-One gave me the opportunity to do that and still be able to feel like I was providing for my family in a financial way. Before Thirty-One, I felt like I had lost a sense of who I was when I became a mother, but Thirty-One gave me something to define who I was again and gave me back a sense of confidence that I had been missing.

This confidence gain has helped me to find the things that I am passionate about again."

Kirstin Tracy

Kirstin Tracy

How has Thirty-One changed your life?

Thirty-One has fulfilled a dream to stay at home with my kids. It has allowed my husband and me to have that dream honeymoon trip every year. It has given us more family vacations than I can count. I have met some of my best friends through Thirty-One. It has given me a place for my gifts and talents to shine and for me to grow in my confidence, my speaking abilities and so many other professional development opportunities. Thirty-One has changed my life in every way that matters.

Jonet Greenfield

Jonet Greenfield

What possibilities has Thirty-One opened for your family?

Thirty-One has allowed us the opportunity to say YES to more, whether it be big or little. Yes to giving back in our community. Yes to extra dance classes for our girls. Yes to more traveling. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure opens up a world of possibilities that we didn’t have the luxury of saying yes to before!

Kendra Schmit

Kendra Schmit

What has surprised you about being a Thirty-One Consultant?

Who I am and who I can be. Being a Consultant and leader with Thirty-One has shown me what I am capable of as a businesswoman, leader, friend, mom and wife. It has given me the opportunity to stretch myself and realize strengths I didn’t know I had. I have seen what I and others together are capable of achieving.

Amy Hansen

Amy Hansen

Why do you enjoy having your own Thirty-One business?

I love having the freedom to work when I want, where I want and being my own boss. It has allowed me to quit my full-time job and work from home. After tragically losing both my parents, I have come to realize that life truly is short! I am so thankful that I have a career in which I can live life as I choose with the flexibility and income that Thirty-One offers me.

Megan Archibald

Megan Archibald

How have the relationships you’ve made at Thirty-One affected you?

My favorite part about my business is the relationships. I love that every time I go to work, I end up at a party that allows women to enjoy a day or night for them. The friendship and fellowship that come with each Thirty-One party have been priceless. I love walking in not knowing anyone and leaving with new friends. My personal business motto is, “Your smile is your logo. Your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.” I tear up thinking about all of the people who have come into my life from the hundreds of family rooms I’ve landed myself in over the years. I’m so humbled, honored and thankful to Thirty-One for allowing me an avenue to not only share my faith but inspire and touch lives in a very special way.

Miranda Perazzo

Miranda Perazzo

Why are you proud to be a Thirty-One Consultant?

I am proud to be part of a company that loves and supports its staff, leaders, Consultants and communities with purpose, passion and integrity. Through the vision of the company I have been able to establish my own mission to impact the women on my team and in my business, and also my own family and the families and communities that surround us. I truly believe that being a part of Thirty-One makes me a better person who can give more profoundly of myself, my time and my resources!

Divya Johnson

Divya Johnson

How has Thirty-One changed your life?

I use my commission to give back to the community. Since I have started, I have done many projects that have been near and dear to my heart, including care packages for foster families, chemo bags for a cancer center, Easter baskets for a children’s hospital and thermal bags with snacks for the local police departments.

April Green

April Green

How have the relationships you’ve made at Thirty-One affected you?

I met three of my best friends at Conference. We’re all on the same team but had never met before rooming with each other. Now, we talk or text every day, and I know they would be among the first to hop on a plane to Oklahoma if I needed them. All the friendships and relationships I’ve made through Thirty-One were things I didn’t know I needed, but God knew it was exactly what I needed. I’ve also made new friendships with Customers and Hostesses, and I’ve reconnected with “old” friends as they’ve become Customers or even team members!

Sarah Beitz

Sarah Beitz

Why do you enjoy having your own Thirty-One Gifts business?

It’s fun and flexible! I love that I can work here, there and everywhere, or any time I get a free moment. It allows me to be creative, experiment and look for trends. But mostly I enjoy it because it forces me to be social! It’s the people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve made that I enjoy most.

Melanie Belyea

Melanie Belyea

Why are you a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant?

When I began with Thirty-One Gifts, my “why” was to earn enough money to pay for my Master of Education degree so that I did not have to take out a student loan. Very quickly I saw that I had the opportunity to do so much more, and I understood the impact that I could have on my family. Once I was comfortable with my own business, I realized the impact that I could have on other ladies’ lives by offering them the opportunity. Now my “why” has become twofold – my family and enriching the lives of other women.

Robin Swicheniuk

Robin Swicheniuk

How have the relationships you’ve made at Thirty-One Gifts affected you?

When I first started with Thirty-One Gifts, we had just moved to a town where we knew no one. I’m a social person, so I needed to meet people and find a job. When I saw this opportunity, I jumped on it. The relationships I have made on my journey so far have been big! I have not only made friends in our town, but also lifelong friends within the Thirty-One Gifts community whom I talk to every day.

Natalee Tokar Lubberts

Natalee Tokar Lubberts

How has Thirty-One Gifts changed your life?

I had no idea that Thirty-One Gifts would impact my life and my family in so many ways. Being a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant has been inspiring and rewarding. I am grateful for all of the relationships I have made in my community with Hostesses and Customers, and with each of my amazing team members. Serving on the Gives Care Council has given me such purpose and passion in my life. It has been an incredible opportunity to give back to all of our partner organizations, and especially locally through our children’s hospital and Ronald McDonald House®. I wake each day with a grateful heart knowing that what we do is making a difference.

Hope Groves

Hope Groves

How have the relationships you’ve made at Thirty-One affected you?

It's amazing to me how many of the people I have met at my parties have become my friends. I have been very fortunate to have kind and caring women show up for a pocketbook and stay for a friendship. Making meaningful connections with so many people has been wonderful.

Lisa Niederberge


What has surprised you the most about being a Thirty-One Consultant?

Building this business has given me a dose of confidence that I didn’t know existed when I worked in the corporate world. I now see that I have many skills and ideas to share that can benefit my team, family and friends. My mom calls me a “marketing genius” – and I never took a single marketing class.

Erica Smith

Erica Smith

How do you compare Thirty-One to any other jobs you’ve held?

I used to be a certified nursing assistant and phlebotomist, and this is my first job in direct sales. I love the flexibility that Thirty-One gives me to be able to stay home with my two beautiful little girls, travel with my husband for his job and set my own hours, all while earning an income. I can work anywhere – at home, on the go and even sick in bed. I love that I can take work with me and share my love for my business and our products in my everyday life. It doesn't feel like a job because it is so much fun.

Jessica Magish

Jessica Magish

What possibilities has Thirty-One opened for your family?

Thirty-One has allowed me to make an extra income, which has enabled me to to work less in my full-time job. Because I have cut back my hours, I am able to pick up my son from kindergarten. This may not seem like a big deal, but when I see his proud, smiling face walking to my car I know that I wouldn’t have had a chance to see that if it weren’t for my extra Thirty-One paychecks.

Becky Evans

Becky Evans

What do you like about having your own Thirty-One business?

I love having my own Thirty-One business! It gives me the flexibility to work my business when it works for me, in a way that works for me. My favorite thing about my business has been the relationships that I have developed with other women, including Customers and other Consultants on my team. I have developed friendships with women whom I never would have met had it not been for Thirty-One.

Erin Byrge

Erin Byrge

How has Thirty-One changed your life?

Within a year of joining Thirty-One, I was able to retire from my full-time teaching job at the age of 41 and make Thirty-One my primary source of income. This has allowed me to spend more time with my teenagers before they head to college and has allowed me to pursue a passion project, working part-time for the Ironman Foundation. In this year, I was able to donate more than $2,000 from my commissions to various organizations, something I had always had the desire to do but never the means. I love that Thirty-One has allowed me to pursue my other passions and even incorporate them into my business!

Shelley Heile

Shelley Heile

What is your “why”?

My why has always been so that we could make decisions for our sons based on what was best for them and not just what we could afford. My why came full circle when my oldest son, Grant, was critically injured. I had never appreciated the flexibility that being a Thirty-One leader afforded me until I needed it so desperately. He became my full-time job for almost three months. To be supported through that and maintain a healthy business felt miraculous. I am so grateful!

Becky Hernandez

Becky Hernandez

Why are you proud to be a Thirty-One Consultant?

Because it is really about so much more than a bag. I love that I get to be the excuse for ladies to connect with their girlfriends, to step away from their busy lives and to connect face to face. I'm proud to walk with the women on my team and see them beam with pride as they provide more choices for their families while doing something they love.

Linnea Vandenberghe

Linnea Vandenberghe

What is your "why"?

My family has always been the driving force behind everything that I do. They make me want to be a better person and someone they can be proud of. Being able to stay home with my children is something I will forever be grateful for, and it is due in large part to Thirty-One Gifts. For years, I had searched for something to make me feel complete, to give me a purpose aside from being a wife and mother. Helping other women just like me find confidence and grow on their journey, change their story and achieve their why – that is the cherry on top!

Kate Moir

Kate Moir

How have the relationships you’ve made at Thirty-One Gifts affected you?

They have inspired me to think bigger and to give more of myself not only to work, but to all pillars of my life. They have encouraged me to see my value and find my purpose. I was new to my community, and now everywhere I go people know or have heard of me and my “bags.” The greatest compliment is always when Customers and past Hostesses refer friends and family to me.

Jennifer Sikora

Jennifer Sikora

How has Thirty-One Gifts changed your life?

Thirty-One Gifts has given me confidence in myself and the motivation to show my children that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and put in the work. I’m dreaming bigger and better than I ever have before, and I have goals that wouldn’t have been on my radar had I not taken that first step toward becoming a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant by enrolling with the company.

Angela Walker

Angela Walker

Why are you proud to be a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant?

I am proud to be a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant because I firmly believe in the mission to celebrate, encourage and reward other women. I have the ability to help them set goals, reach their potential and build a sense of empowerment. It’s amazing to watch these ladies transform into completely different people, and I love being a part of that! I am also so proud to work with a company that truly loves people and does everything in its power to give back. It is an amazing feeling to know that your company has YOUR best interests at heart.